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Here Are 6 Ways Your Home Can Benefit from Solar Screens in West Palm Beach

Do you love the view from your large windows but hate the harsh glare? 

If so you should consider screen enclosures in West Palm Beach to keep your home cool. Screen enclosures, also known as solar screens or solar shades, allow every home in your room to feel cool without scarifying your beautiful view. 

At Screen Builders, we offer Suntex 80 solar screens to block out the sun, UV rays and help lower your power bills. 

Keep reading for six more reasons you should consider adding a screen enclosure to your home.

What is a solar screen? 

Before we get into the benefits of screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, also known as solar screens, what exactly are they? 

In general, solar screens are made from special window screen mesh and they are used in outside areas. Screen options are more customizable than other enclosure options.

For example, we sell Suntex 80, which is made out of a unique woven mesh that comes in a variety of colors.

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark bronze
  • Stucco
  • Grey

Solar screens are installed outside and help to reduce the amount of heat that gets transferred through the glass, ultimately reducing your utility bills while it keeps your home cool. 

They’re a much more affordable alternative when compared to replacing windows for UV protection.

UV Protection

It’s not just the heat you should be worried about when it comes to the sun, but you should also consider the harmful UV rays.

Large windows create light and an incredible view, but exposure to UV rays can cause sun damage, sunburns, and skin cancer. Screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, like the Suntex 80 solar screens can block out UV rays by 80%. 

Lower Utility Bills 

Since we’re talking about a decreased power bill, it’s important to mention that an energy-efficient home can save you thousands in the long run. 

The cost of cooling your home, especially in South Florida where we depend on AC year-round, can do a number to your utility bills. Not to mention running your AC year-round requires a lot of electricity, which is terrible for the environment. 

Our screen enclosures in West Palm Beach can help lower your dependence on AC, and drastically reduce your utility bills.

Protect Your Furniture 

Did you know that prolonged sun exposure can damage your wood, causing it to fade permanently? 

This is concerning, as most rooms have the furniture situated very close to the window. This type of damage is bad for anyone, but especially those who place expensive furniture near large windows. 

By purchasing solar screens, you protect your furniture from harsh sunlight and UV rays, ensuring that it lasts longer.

Patio Dining 

You can easily turn your Suntex 80 solar screen into convenient patio screens in West Palm Beach. This makes it so enjoying a day out in South Florida weather is much more enjoyable.

One major downside of patio dining is the glaring sunlight. Even if you slather yourself in sunscreen, unless you have screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, you still won’t be fully protected from the heat. 

If you’re dining in the evening or at night, you may not have the sun to worry about, but you do have bugs. Mosquitoes, flies, bees, and even wasps can turn a lovely evening into a nightmare. With solar screens, these issues will no longer be your problem.


Another great aspect of solar screens is they create a private barrier between you and your neighbors. If you’re someone who’s concerned about privacy and whether the neighbors are looking into your yard, solar screens will add additional protection.

Protect Your Windows 

You don’t have to live on a golf course to have the occasional ball shatter your window. Truth is every day activities can lead to broken windows and other damages. Whether it be a stray ball during your kids’ football game, a stray rock from the lawn mower or something else, a screen adds another layer pf protection to keep your windows in tact. 

Contact Screen Builders For Solar Screens Today

Enjoy the beautiful weather South Florida offers, without any of the harmful side effects of the sun or without the nagging of bugs. 

Contact Screen builders to install your custom screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and over 30 years in business, we are the best and most reliable pool screen company in Florida. 

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