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A Front Entry Screen Enclosure in Boca Raton Allows You to Turn Off the Air Conditioning and Leave the Door Open

Your front door can really make your home stand out. After all, it is a reflection of your personal taste and style. It’s the last thing your guests see before entering your home and adds immensely to your curb appeal.  Understandably, you’ll want to make a great impression.

Did you know that a front entry screen enclosure can also make as grand a statement? And with so many beautiful custom and designer styles to choose from, you’re bound to find the right one to match the unique style and architecture of your home. 

Cooler weather in South Florida is here now, so a front entry screen enclosure is the perfect way to enjoy those milder “winter” breezes. You can open your front door wide without letting in bugs or other debris. And, if you are interested in selling your home, it definitely adds value. Front entry screen enclosures are built to last; beautiful and strong as a storm door to withstand harsher elements and more vigorous treatment from kids and pets.

Why Front Entry Screen Doors Add Value to Your Home

  1. Allows fresh air inside. South Floridians are creatures of habit. Air Conditioning in homes and cars is a must in the summer months, but that often flows into fall and winter. Air from constant air conditioning can sometimes be unhealthy and stale. With a front entry screen enclosure, you can shut off the air conditioning and allow healthy natural breezes to flow into your home.
  2. Save on electric bills. During the cooler months in Boca Raton, a front entry screen enclosure affords you the option of shutting off your air conditioning during the daytime. The result is substantial energy savings for you.
  3. Allows more natural light inside. Natural light is something we need daily to stay healthy. Studies show that because South Floridians spend so much time indoors in the summer months when the temperature often soars, that they don’t get enough Vitamin D. The ability to allow more natural light into your home is a health benefit.
  4. They come in many styles and colors. You can pick and choose the style that works best for you. No matter if your tastes are simple or sophisticated, Screen Builders offers front entry screen enclosures that range in style from traditional to modern.
  5. You can customize your screen door. No matter what size door you need, or if you need a pet door, Screen Builders can accommodate any size pet when we build your customized screen door for your front entry or patio in Boca Raton.

Products You Can Trust to Last

At Screen Builders, we offer PCA products for all your screen door needs with a full spectrum of design in more than 70 styles and six colors to choose from. Each is handcrafted with strong heavy-duty aluminum, so you can be sure you are getting quality, durability, and safe construction all in one front entry screen enclosure package!

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If you are interested in finding out more about front entry screen enclosures, give the professionals at Screen Builders a call today. We are a licensed and insured contractor servicing Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin County. We have over 30 years of experience in the business. 

Since 1987, we have been specializing in patio and pool screen enclosures, sunrooms and fences, and décor doors. We continue to be a trusted name in South Florida. Over the years, we have helped many satisfied customers add beauty and value to their homes. Call us today for a free quote on a custom fence, sunroom, patio, fence, or pool screen at (561) 395-0801.