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Why Investing in a Patio Screen in West Palm Beach Makes Sense

When you own a home in West Palm Beach, you have the benefit of living in one of the most beautiful places in the United States. With its lush tropical foliage and warm sunshine, West Palm Beach is a paradise that thousands of Northerners flock to every year. The outdoors can be beautiful to look at but sometimes bugs and stormy weather can be an annoying disadvantage. That’s why a screened-in patio makes sense in West Palm Beach. Imagine being able to sit comfortably on your patio, enjoy the fresh air while and gazing out onto the lake or garden without being attacked by pesky bugs or one of West Palm Beach’s frequent rainstorms.  You can also enjoy entertaining friends and family in comfort without mosquitos attacking your food. At Screen Builders, our patio screens in West Palm Beach are crafted with the strongest exclusive alloy aluminum 6061-T6 available on the market. What’s more, our enclosures are capable of withstanding an excess of 150-170 mph winds. That’s quite an advantage going into hurricane season. When you consider how frequently West Palm Beach gets hit with tropical rainstorms all year round, investing in a patio screen in West Palm Beach just makes sense.

How can a patio screen enclosure benefit my family?

Privacy is one of the most important reasons to invest in a patio screen in West Palm Beach. But there are many other reasons to invest in a patio screen enclosure from Screen Builders. They include:

  •                   Patio screens offer the ultimate protection from the sun and wind- The tropical sun in South Florida and especially in West Palm Beach can be brutal. At Screen Builders, we have many types of screens to choose from. Our SunTex solar screens are our most popular brand. These patio screens block out up to 80% of the UV rays emitted by the sun, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather without having to worry about burning up. Who wants to work or play in a hot room? What’s more, our solar screens can help reduce your energy bill.
  •                   Pest and bugs are kept at bay – Have you ever entertained only to find dead flies in your food at the most inopportune times? Not to mention how embarrassing this is. Installing a patio screen in West Palm Beach can help you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without being subject to the annoyance of bugs and mosquitos.  You and your family can even enjoy a nice meal out on your patio without having to constantly swat away flies and other bugs.
  •                   Keep children safe- If you have little ones, you know how fast they can run! In the blink of the eye they can slip away from you and into harm’s way. With a patio screen in West Palm Beach, your kids can play outside and you won’t have to worry about them wandering off.
  •                   Keep pets safe – Your precious pets are an important part of the family. But when they get outside, it’s easy for them to wander off and get lost or worse yet, run into traffic.  A patio screen in West Palm Beach offers homeowners the perfect way to keep pets corralled in a strong secured area. Screen Builders also offer custom-built pet doors for your fur babies in small, medium and large sizes.

How do I get started?

At Screen Builders, we provide you with everything from patio screens and pool enclosures to sunrooms and fences and more. Rest assured that we have the skills and expertise to repair your current patio enclosure if it has any rips, tears or holes. There are many reasons why having a screened-in patio enclosure in West Palm Beach is a smart move, so whether you’re looking to acquire a new patio enclosure or you are looking to repair an existing screen or pool frame, call the professionals team at Screen Builders for a free estimate today at (561) 793-6029.