Advantages of Using Accordion Hurricane Shutters

When the South enters storm season, it’s time for homeowners to get out their accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida. The tropics can produce massive storms that leave houses and building vulnerable. However, a simple installation of these storm shutters will ensure that the property stays safe all year round.  

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida are Easy to Install 

First and foremost, hurricane shutters are extremely easy to install. One person can deploy them with ease, and the entire property can be safeguarded in only a matter of minutes. When a storm is approaching, homeowners don’t have a lot of time to gear up. In fact, time is of the essence.  

Accordion Shutters Increase Resale Values 

Selling a home comes with its many challenges, but storm shutters can give the property an extra appeal. When new buyers are looking for somewhere to live, they want to know that they’ll be secure regardless of the weather. Just like a person desires a new roof, free of leaks, they’ll also want windows that won’t shatter during a hurricane.  

Accordion Shutters Offer Increased Security  

When strong storms occur, there’s a chance for burglary. People know that most homes are empty, leaving properties vulnerable and easy to access. Hurricane shutters are deterrents for many thieves, as they will have to spend time removing them and risk the chance of being seen. Most shutters are relatively rigid, acting as a set of bars to protect your precious home.

At Screen Builders, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we have an exceptional reputation with our former clients. With over 100 years of experience, we’re one of the most knowledgeable companies around. Hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t uncommon in the South, so it’s crucial that you consider using accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida today. We’ll help you find a perfect match for your home, and we’ll even help you install them. For materials that last and customer care you can’t beat, call 561-793-6029 today.