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Hurricane Shutters in Jupiter are a Must Have for Hurricane Season

Tropical storms blow wind speeds up to 74 miles per hour. The torrential downpours and endless, swirling debris is sure to add a few dents in your home’s exterior. Unfortunately, without hurricane shutters in Jupiter, the interior of your home may also be susceptible to damage. Here are a few considerations when deciding whether or not your home needs new storm shutters.

Hurricane Shutters are Easy to Use 

Have you ever been in line at your local hardware store days before a hurricane or massive storm? It’s a nightmare. People are running in all directions, trying to find supplies to board up their windows and doors. Plywood sells out quickly, as do the other essentials. Instead of going through the chaos every year and wasting precious hours, purchase hurricane shutters for your home or business. They only take a few moments to prepare.

Hurricane Shutters Will Save Money  

Florida is a high-risk state, meaning that hurricanes blow through frequently. Hurricane Irma in 2017 brought devastation along the coastal shorelines, and even up into the mainland.  Hurricane shutters not only aid you in avoiding costly internal repairs, but your insurance premium will also be lower. Hurricane shutters are much cheaper than impact windows and doors, and they are still just as effective.  

Improve Resale Values with Hurricane Shutters in Jupiter 

Homes or businesses that do not have hurricane shutters will suffer significant consequences when it comes time to resell. The reality is that homebuyers and commercial property buyers are looking to purchase a building that is protected and secure. If they feel they will be at risk during storm seasons, they may pass on your home or business and find another.  

At Screen Builders, we have over 128 years of experience. We’ve been through multiple hurricanes in the Florida area, which is why we provide our clients with the protection they need. For those with a screened-in yard, pool, or patio, we offer removable screen panels. By removing the panels, you can ensure they stay in pristine condition. For hurricane shutters in Jupiter, trust our experience and knowledge. Don’t let a surprise hurricane or storm get the best of you. Protect your home with Screen Builders today.