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Aluminum Fencing is the Perfect Low-Maintenance Choice for Your Boca Raton Home

When it comes time to purchase a fence for your Boca Raton home, you have many options to choose from. But some of those options don’t always hold up well under a tropical sun or in a hurricane. While wood or wrought iron fencing may offer some pluses, nothing can beat aluminum for strength, durability, and reliability. Aluminum fencing does not rust like wrought iron or rot like wood. It can also withstand hurricane-force winds up to 250 mph. 

That’s an important feature when you live in Florida, where a hurricane or a tropical storm can occur at any time. Not only are aluminum fences strong, but they are also very attractive and come in a variety of styles and colors for residential, pool, commercial, and industrial-grade fencing. They also provide security for kids and pets and depending on the style you choose, much-needed privacy.

What are the Major Benefits of Aluminum Fencing?

1. Affordability. When compared to other options, aluminum is more affordable than expensive wrought iron and even wood. Aluminum costs less than the most weather-resistant types of wood and is much easier to maintain. If cost is a concern, then installing aluminum fencing will save you money.

2. Attractive looking. Aluminum fencing does not disappoint in the looks department. Aluminum fences look and feel just as expensive as wrought iron. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing looks for cost here.

3. Easy maintenance. Aluminum is virtually maintenance-free because of its powder coating that will retain its beauty no matter what the weather looks like outside. It does not rust, rot or tarnish and never has to be painted like wood, which requires much more upkeep.

4. Versatility. Aluminum fencing comes in a wide variety of styles and colors such as bronze, white, and black. And, the best part is you can customize it any way you like. 

5. Adds security. Aluminum fencing provides a layer of protection due to its reliable, strong material. An aluminum fence creates a haven for your kids and pets, and you can rest easy knowing they are safely nestled inside with a secure barrier to protect them.

6. Increases property value. When you install an aluminum fence in your Boca Raton home, you can rest assured that your property will not only be protected but that it will increase in value. If curb appeal is essential, then an aluminum fence conveys an expensive look and feel to potential buyers.

7. Increases privacy. Along with security, an aluminum fence provides privacy for you and your family. Unlike wrought iron fencing, a style that does not always provide privacy for a back yard or patio, aluminum fencing can be customized to provide as much privacy as is needed for your space.

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Obtaining the best quality and superior craftsmanship for your money these days makes sense, and aluminum checks all of the boxes for superior fencing products that deliver in all categories: affordability, reliability, durability, and beauty. 

If an aluminum fence is the right choice for you, then Screen Builders is the perfect company to build it for you. Screen Builders has been building aluminum fences, patio screens, and patio enclosures for many Florida communities for more than 30 years. Our gates, railings, and fences are constructed using only the highest-grade alloy aluminum the industry has to offer. Our maintenance-free, powder-coated fences are available in bronze, white, and other colors. T

Reach out to us to experience the difference. Our experienced and trusted team of technicians can build you an amazing aluminum fence in Boca Raton in no time.  To get your free quote on your new aluminum fence, call Screen Builders today at (561) 395-0801. One of our friendly team will be happy to answer all your questions and set up a convenient appointment.