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Bring the Outdoors in with a Patio Screen Enclosure in Boca Raton

A patio screen enclosure is an amenity that is worth every penny if you live in sunny Boca Raton. With the addition of a patio screen enclosure, you can enjoy morning coffee in peace without the nuisance of insects and other pests around you and the annoyance of the South Florida sun beating down on you. The stress of worrying about your kids and pets is also substantially reduced. They can play safely, and you’ll worry less about them wandering off or suffering from heatstroke. The South Florida sun can be brutal, and sometimes sunscreen is just not enough.

The Many Reasons Why a Patio Screen Enclosure is Beneficial:

  • A patio screen enclosure allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The installation of a patio enclosure in Boca Raton allows you to enjoy lunch or dinner with a view of nature without worrying about the hot sun, insects, or gusts of wind. With a screen enclosure, you can enjoy nature with total protection from the elements.

Protection from the elements. A patio screen enclosure provides a sheltered space where outdoor elements are kept at bay. South Florida’s frequent tropical rainstorms and wind that accompany it can certainly put a damper on your dinner party or morning coffee routine. You can be sure that a screen enclosure will protect your family and friends no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you.

  • A patio screen enclosure offers protection from bugs and other pests. 

Wanting to enjoy the beautiful outdoors year-round is probably one of the reasons you moved to Boca Raton. A patio screen enclosure protects you from the hot sun, harsher elements, and annoying pests all year round. But along with the warm weather South Florida is famous, comes a variety of native insects and pests that are seeking shelter from the sun and nourishment — on your patio. Biting mosquitos can be especially annoying after a rainstorm and if you have any standing water. A screened-in porch enclosure gives you and your family a secure protective shield against unwanted pests from entering your domain.

  • A patio screen enclosure adds aesthetic value. 

At Screen Builders, we create custom patio screen enclosures that can be customized to your specifications. A custom enclosure can be created to complement any style of home, adding beauty and charm to any space.

  • A patio screen enclosure increases indoor/outdoor space to entertain.

 With the holidays upon us, an indoor/outdoor space to entertain would be a wise decision. Whether you enjoy hosting a large or small, more intimate gathering, a patio screen enclosure allows for more space to dine comfortably outdoors. Living in Boca Raton has its perks, and one of them is the ability to entertain outdoors nearly all year-round. When you install a patio screen enclosure, the party can go on for as long as you want without worrying about the weather.

  • A patio screen enclosure increases property values. 

A patio screen enclosure adds value to your home by increasing its living space. Buyers will be more inclined to buy a home that offers a sheltered area for outdoor dining and protection from the elements.

  • A patio screen enclosure reduces patio maintenance.

Patios are popular in South Florida, but many of them are built unscreened. An unscreened patio not only invites insects and other pests inside but also attracts dirt and debris. Screening in your lanai prevents dirt, leaves, soil, and other debris from entering the patio. Another reason a patio screen enclosure is a great investment is that it saves you money from costly cleanups.

Get in Touch With an Expert Today

 At Screen Builders, we provide you with everything from patio screens and pool enclosures to sunrooms and fences, and more. We use only the strongest exclusive alloy aluminum and can withstand an excess of 150-170 mph winds. Rest assured that we have the skills and expertise to repair your current patio enclosure if it has any rips, tears, or holes. There are many reasons why having a screened-in patio enclosure in West Palm Beach is a smart move. So, whether you’re looking to acquire a new patio enclosure or you are looking to repair an existing screen or pool frame, call the professionals team at Screen Builders for a free estimate today at (561) 395-0801.