Is Your Backyard Hurricane Ready?

The people of Florida are no strangers to hurricanes. Every year in the fall, tropical storms make their way up from the Caribbean and do their best to disrupt life for all of us. Some hurricanes are nothing to write home about; just a little wind and it rained for two days. Others, however, are far more powerful and can leave a path of destruction in their wake. Some of us have been around long enough to remember such storms as Andrew, which delivered a knockout blow to Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Obviously people go to great lengths to make sure their home is secure in the event of a powerful storm. You put hurricane storm shutters on your windows, fill your bathtub with water and stock your pantry with canned goods. Thanks to Screen Builders, Inc., you can now make sure your backyard pool screen enclosure in West Palm Beach, FL is just as protected. Advances in pool screen technology allow for smartly designed enclosures with several features designed with hurricanes in mind.

You would think that wind would have no problem going through a screen right? Well in many cases, high winds from a hurricane cannot easily pass through a screen enclosure. It basically acts like a giant sail, catching the wind then blowing over. With a new removable screen design, you no longer have to worry about the wind blowing the enclosure over. Screens pop in and out of the frame with ease and can be stacked and stored until the storm has passed. Without the screens on the frame, the wind has nothing to catch on and the structure will be much harder to blow over. The experts at Screen Builders, Inc. take a house’s design into consideration when building the screen enclosure to ensure that the house provides some protection from the elements.

Along with pool screens, Screen Builders, Inc. also does:

  • Sunrooms
  • Gates
  • Fences
  • Aluminum Roofs
  • Solar Screens
  • Roll-up Screens

Other tricks of the trade include using only corrosion-resistant screws, nuts and bolts. Rusty hardware can really compromise the overall structural integrity of a pool screen meaning that it won’t take as much for Mother Nature to bring it down. Screen Builders also only uses the highest quality aluminum alloy for their pool screen frames which increases the durability. Those in the market for a new pool screen enclosure in West Palm Beach, FL want a stylish back yard, but they also want a functional back yard. Thanks to Screen Builders, Inc they now can have both!