Prevent Skin Cancer with a Screen Enclosure

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid the sun when living in Florida. Unless there’s a hurricane coming through, just about every day is at least partly sunny across much of the state. Those living around West Palm Beach and further south in particular know that the sun is a staple of Florida weather. One thing that should be closely monitored by all Floridians is proper skin health when it comes to the sun. Skin cancer is a serious problem in places where the ultraviolet radiation from the sun is common. In fact, skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in the United States with nearly 2 million new cases every year. When it comes to protecting your family from the dangers of UV rays, there are several steps you can take. The first and most obvious step is wearing sunscreen while outside. Sunscreen works to reflect harmful UV rays and prevent skin from being burnt. The American Cancer Society lists using sunscreen as a recommended aid in carcinoma prevention. Wearing clothing which covers exposed skin, like hats and long sleeves, is another great way to protect the skin. If you want to be outside without sunscreen and long sleeves, then one thing to consider is installing SunTex 80 Solar Screens to your outdoor patio or sunroom. Pool screen enclosure companies like Screen Builders Inc. specialize in SunTex 80 screen installation for homeowners.

Having an outdoor patio with a pool is a luxury many in Florida enjoy. Those who have a sunroom or screened in patio are getting the most from their space because it offers a way to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with the blistering heat of South Florida. Even more deadly than the heat is the harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer. SunTex 80 Solar Screens block out 80% of the sun’s rays while still letting the homeowner enjoy being outdoors. It’s a comfort to many homeowners knowing that they are protected from harm. You lock your doors and windows at night for protection right? Why would you risk health and safety leaving your skin unprotected outdoors? Not only does the SunTex 80 offer excellent UV protection, but it also allows for privacy for those who have neighbors close by.

Getting a sunburn exponentially increases your risk of skin cancer and a screened in patio can dramatically decrease your risk of a sunburn. So, by the transitive property, pool screens help prevent cancer. The health benefits are motivation enough for a new screen enclosure for your pool or patio, but adding a new room to your home will raise your resale value and make your home appealing to potential buyers. Call a professional screen enclosure company in West Palm Beach like Screen Builders Inc. for more information about the benefits of a SunTex 80 Solar Screen.