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Beautify and Protect Your Home with Custom Fences in West Palm Beach, Fl

When you think about home design, you probably think about furniture and home décor. But, did you ever consider another vital design element of your home? Your home’s fence is a great way to continue an aesthetic theme or to revive your property with a brand new look. If you’re looking for quality custom fences in West Palm Beach, Fl look no further than Screen Builders. We can create a customized fence that’ll leave your property safer and your neighbors envious.

Fences in West Palm Beach, Fl serve a multitude of purposes. First, they work to keep unwanted visitors off of your property. Animals will have a hard time getting in or out of your yard when you protect the land with a quality fence. Homeowners with pools are encouraged to install fences on their property to ensure that the pool is protected from visitors that may not know how to swim. We can also install smaller structures on elevated areas of your property to serve as railings in West Palm Beach, Fl. Railings are another safety option, they keep the edges of your elevated deck or balcony safe.

When you’re looking to install fences or railings in your home, the products should never be one size fits all. Your tastes are unique, and your home is unique too. One size fence may be overbearing on one property, or simply too small on another. At Screen Builders, we customize each and every fence we install to ensure that it meets the needs of our customers. We can add finishing touches such as gates in West Palm Beach which complete the accessibility of your fence. The gates we install can include custom elements such as hinges, swing or rolling options. Our gates, railings and fences are available in bronze and white colors to ensure they coordinate with any property.

It’s important to choose fences that are both beautiful and durable. A fence is simply no good if it quickly rusts or falls apart. Our fencing products are made of the highest grade alloy aluminum, 6061-T61. They’re coated with the most durable paint available, an Exclusive DuPont powder coated paint that’s up to 300% thicker than the standard. This means that the fences, gates and railings we install are incredibly abrasion resistant and maintain their color and gloss. At Screen Builders, we pay attention to every possible detail regarding the construction of our fences. Even the screws we use in our gates are treated for durability, they’re given a thermoset finish and are chemically bonded with a basecoat that adheres to a color stable top coat to minimize corrosion.

Customized fences, gates and railings can build beauty and safety into any home. They’re perfect for outdoor applications, but also for indoor spaces such as stairwells and foyers. Our primary focus is delivering a quality product which meets your needs. If you’re ready to enhance your property, give us a call today!