Finding the Best Screen Enclosure Repair in West Palm Beach, Fl

At Screen Builders, we work to be your full service screen company. We can install stunning custom screen enclosures and we can also perform necessary and efficient repairs to your existing screen enclosure. Don’t put up with rusted metal or torn panels any longer! Our team can give you the screen enclosure repair in West Palm Beach, Fl that you need.

Unfortunately, it seems that the very nature of South Florida is what can bring damage and wear to your screen enclosure. Our company is dedicated to making each screen enclosure both functional and beautiful. South Florida’s constant humidity and rain can rust vital components of your screen enclosure. We have the solution for the ongoing problem of rusted screws, we can cover existing screws with a custom fitted screw cap which will preserve your metal and keep it looking new.

People commonly install pool screen enclosures for protection. The screens provide a barrier between your pool and the harmful elements lurking outside. They can keep your pool clean of debris by blocking dirt and leaves from falling into the water. The enclosures also block out harmful UV rays. They provide an extra layer of protection from direct sunshine. In fact, without sun protection many people begin to develop sunburns within their first 30 minutes outside. You may have already installed pool screens, but screens of lesser quality can become torn and damaged easily. Tears can bring debris and UV rays into your enclosure. If you’re needing pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, Fl, we’re here to help! We can work to repair existing screens, or replace panels which are too damaged to fix. We can install premium grade screen cloth which lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional screens.

At Screen Builders, we work to innovate screen enclosures throughout South Florida. After the destructive 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, we noticed a flaw in the screen enclosures throughout South Florida. The screen panels would tear and increase wind intensity, often causing more damage than protection. We set out to solve this problem, working to pioneer a new kind of screen panel. We are the inventors of the removable screen panel that allows hurricanes to blow through a lesser wind-load than the screen enclosure wall. Instead, these removable panels can mitigate damage by being removed before a strong hurricane passes through.

When you work with Screen Builders, you’re working with the most accommodating screen company around. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and satisfaction. We can install new customized structures or work to repair your existing screen enclosure. Count on our decades of experience and knowledge for your screen enclosure repair in West Palm Beach, Fl. Call us today to see how we can bring your damaged screen enclosure back to a beautiful and functional state.