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Benefits of Using Patio Screen Enclosures in West Palm Beach

If you spend a lot of time on your patio, it’s time to upgrade it with our patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. Patio screen enclosures allow you to get the most out of your patio, especially with the unpredictable weather in South Florida. Read on to learn the benefits and why you should contact the experts at Screen Builders for fast, reliable installations.

Extended Patio Use 

If you find that you don’t use your patio often because of the heat, screen enclosures in West Palm Beach are an ideal solution. It will turn your patio into a four-season room, always keeping you cool and protected against the heat.

We all enjoy the sun, but exposure to UV rays can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer and sun damage. While enclosures don’t completely block UV rays, they do provide considerable protection for you and your family.  It’s still recommended that you wear sunscreen for extra protection.

If you want to stay on your patio during midday heat, an enclosure will keep you space cooler, so you can stay outside for as many hours as you want, anytime of the year. You can also add a shade screen to shade certain areas of your patio, like where you and your guests typically sit.

Keeps Bugs and Pests Outside 

Even if you love being outside, bugs can quickly turn into ants at a picnic.  Mosquitoes run rampant all year, bees are great for the planet, but suck when they sting you, and let’s not forget the hundreds of other bug species popular in South Florida. 

You can either use bug repellant every time you step outside your house, or you can install patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach

When you opt for the latter, you also get additional protection against heat and UV rays, as previously mentioned.

While we’re on the subject of pests, you can rest easy knowing your screen will be protected against potential damages caused by pets. When they want to come in, the enclosure has custom pet doors for small, medium, and large pets.

Recreate a New Room 

A patio without a screen is just that: a patio. When you have our contractors install an enclosure, your patio can become an additional room. 

What will you turn it into? There are many options, including:

  • Man cave                          
  • Home office
  • Guest room
  • Play room
  • Sunroom
  • New living or dining room

No matter what you turn it into, you can guarantee lasting results when you purchase our products. The DuPont 500 powder coated paint we use is second to none and is 300% thicker than the industry standard. That equals strength, durability, and a longer color/gloss retention.

Increased Home Value 

This is one home improvement that will increase the value of your home when you’re ready to sell. It adds curb appeal, but even if your neighbors can’t see it from the street, it still makes the house more attractive. 

Let’s not forget it also makes your home bigger. We all know that square footage is an important aspect for home buyers. All in all, patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach increase the chance of seeing a return on your investment.

Hurricane Protection 

If you’re worried that your enclosure won’t fair well during hurricane season, think again. We use the strongest alloy aluminum 6061-T6 on the market. As a result, it’s capable of withstanding winds of 150-170 mph. 

Not only is this material strong, but it’s practically corrosion resistant. However, if you want to take it down during hurricane season, there’s the option of having removable screen panels, which makes it easier to prepare for a hurricane.

EZ Drain Doors 

You have the option of adding EZ drain doors in between each vertical screen wall post. When a tropical storm or hurricane comes, this will allow the rainwater to pass through quickly instead of stand on the deck. As a result, it protects your screen enclosures in West Palm Beach from mildew and corrosion.


Contact Screen Builders 

We have been in business for 30 years and consider ourselves to be the pioneers of the screen industry. We specialize in custom-designed patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, and we have a full department for all your screen repair needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.