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Patio Screens in West Palm Beach that Make a Statement and Increase Property Value

West Palm Beach is about style, elegance, and making your property look the best to enhance its value. The patio screens in West Palm Beach play a role in determining how your home looks and the resale price. 

You might not be selling right away, but it is always nice to know that what you do is making a difference when this time comes. Properties in South Florida are experiencing an upsurge in prices from low inventory and buyers offering sellers $60 thousand more than what they are asking. 

Now is the time to think about doing something to your home that makes the property increase in value and helps you to maximize your investment. Several ways you can do this is by doing things that improve the quality of life and security for future homeowners. 

Both of these factors are critical in determining how your property is valued and the long-term total returns you realize. 

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The Patio

The patio screens in West Palm Beach decide the protection you have in the summer and against the elements. Several different choices include fiberglass, heavy-duty, clear, solar, pet, and noseeum. Each one offers unique benefits that improve your patio and make it something you can enjoy throughout the year. 

Fiberglass is the most frequently used material when it comes to patio screens. It offers excellent visibility, and these screens are durable with no creasing or dents in them. Fiberglass comes in gray or charcoal, and there is a mesh design that keeps out the pests during the hottest months of the year.  

Heavy-duty patio screens are used on the patio, pool enclosures, and sunrooms. They are typically used when you need protection for large spaces in these areas or extra strength is required. 

They don’t crease or dent and offer outstanding visibility for the outer parts in your backyard. These are mesh types of screens that come in black, and it matches any style or design. 

Clear screens provide outstanding visibility when you are inside looking out, and they are appealing from the outside. They allow you to catch the breeze and create a maximum flow through all open areas. Clear screens are almost invisible to the naked eye, they are flexible, and dent, and crease-resistant. These screens come in mesh and black to give your patio that unique South Florida look and feel.

Solar patio screens in West Palm Beach are used to protect against heat, sunlight, and they increase privacy. Solar patio screens block out 90% of the UV rays, usually come in black, and distorts the outside visibility so no one can see inside. It has a mesh that comes in lengths of 54 by 18 inches and is .11 inches thick to give you maximum protection. 

Pet screens are designed to prevent pets from damaging them by laying, clawing, biting, and jumping on them. They stand up to the biggest dogs and cats with the sharpest claws that tend to take joy in scratching at everything in sight. 

There is good visibility, and you can get them in black to provide added levels of privacy. These work well with fences surrounding the yard to improve your security. 

Nosseeum screens protect against the wave of bugs and mosquitoes that come throughout the summer. During hurricane season, noseeum screens are invaluable by preventing them from entering your patio so that you can enjoy it more. They offer good visibility, can be utilized on doors, windows, and to surround your porches. These are popular in South Florida from the protection they provide during the hot and humid summer months. 

Screen Builders Can Help You 

These are some of the best options for patio screens in West Palm Beach that will give you the protection, look, and style you need. They enhance your lifestyle and increase the value of your property when you are ready to sell it. Call Screen Builders today at 561-793-6029 to see how a patio can add to your home. We specialize in patio screens and fences in West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida and we can help you find the perfect screen options for your patio.