The Best Fences Around

A white picket fence is classic Americana. Unfortunately the 1950’s have come and gone and that particular slice of American culture went with it. Those looking for fences in West Palm Beach, FL are probably more interested in getting one that is more practical and stylish. Fences serve a variety of purposes and can be designed to fit in nicely with any backyard. Fences not only help keep things in and out, but they can also add a certain amount of style to any property. Companies such as Screen Builders in West Palm Beach, FL specialize in custom built pool screens, but they also build unique fences and gates for homeowners all over Palm Beach County. Many people think that a fence is a fence, but that is just not true. Fences come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and size so they can be customized to match any home or office.

Privacy is one of the main reasons why people build fences. Those who live in neighborhoods where the next house is a stone’s throw away are the most likely to build a fence. It helps to define the property line and can add a little bit of privacy to your backyard. If you don’t want to completely shut out your neighbor, consider installing a gate somewhere in the fence. Most gates are manually operated but some can be motorized depending on the location. Many people are concerned that metal fences are ugly, but simply installing a line of shrubbery blocks most of the fence from view and can really liven up a back yard.

The other major reason that people install a fence is for security. Fences are obviously a good deterrent from random folk walking into your yard, but they also serve to keep things in. If you have an animal or small children, letting them run around outside usually means someone is supervising. With a fenced in yard, let Fido or little Timmy run around with the peace of mind that they can’t run from the yard into the street. Fences also ensure that nothing finds its way into the yard. Those who live in Florida, particularly near the everglades, know that it’s not completely unheard of for a gator to wander its way into someone’s backyard swimming pool. Imagine going to take a dip and seeing a reptile cooling off! For those in the market for fences in West Palm Beach, FL, looking into a company like Screen Builders could be a great way to get the fence you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford.