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How Can Your Balcony be Improved?

Balconies are a growing home design trend in South Florida, they allow homeowners to increase their outdoor square footage while adding beautiful views to the property. You count on your balcony as a great spot for relaxation and quiet, but your balcony can use improvement just like any other part of your home. At Screen Builders, we believe that every South Florida balcony should be at its very best. We offer an array of services which can improve your balcony, making it your favorite spot of your home. There are several spots where your balcony in West Palm Beach, Fl may need a little extra help to make it the best it can be, such as:

  • This is the first thing to consider with your balcony. Is your balcony railing a little less than sturdy? Elevated spaces, especially spaces which sit above concrete or paver decks, require added protection. You need the strongest railings in West Palm Beach, Fl to ensure that your balcony is as safe as possible. Our team can create customized railings built to stay sturdy for years to come with the strongest alloy aluminum on the market.
  • Sun protection. The positioning of your balcony can provide shade to the patio underneath, but it leaves the balcony itself exposed to the harsh South Florida sun. You may avoid spending time on your balcony during the sunniest parts of the day, but you don’t need to put your balcony out of commission when the sun is out! Screen enclosures are our specialty, we can create a two-story enclosure which encompasses your entire outdoor space, including your balcony. Imagine, being able to enjoy your balcony while blocking out up to 80% off the sun’s UV rays, all without the need of sunscreen or umbrellas.
  • Your balcony is an extension of your home, and thus an extension of your home’s design. You might have equipped your balcony with the best furniture or potted plants, but you cannot cover up rusted or outdated framework. Your balcony railings set the tone for your balcony. Not to fret, our team at Screen Builders can design and install customized railings in colors such as bronze and white. The designs and finishes can be customized as well, created to fit perfectly within your outdoor space. The paints and finishes we use are designed to last without rusting or tarnishing.

Your balcony is a great space to relax, but all balconies in West Palm Beach, Fl can use some improvement. Our team at Screen Builders can help turn your balcony into your own personal oasis, with quality railings and sun protection coverings which keep your space cool and comfortable. All our designs are customized to the specific needs of your home, fitting your style and safety needs. If you’re ready to bring your balcony to the next level, call us today!