Can Screen Enclosures Help With Allergies?

The sunny springtime is also a season which triggers allergy symptoms in many people. Up to 55% of the US population deals with allergies. These allergies can cause congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes and other discomforts. Many people depend on allergy medications, but there are other alternative ways to reduce your allergies. You don’t need to avoid spending time outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and scenery all around your home. Screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, Fl are a great way to help reduce the allergens that enter your outdoor patio or deck area.


At Screen Builders, we’ve been creating customized screen enclosures for years. We offer screen enclosures which can fit your patio, deck, pool or even two story balcony. These enclosures are the perfect way to enhance the comfort of your outdoor spaces, allowing you to reclaim the outdoors even during allergy season. Screen enclosures can block out unwanted elements from your space, such as insects, pests, unwanted animal dander and even some allergens such as large concentrations of pollen. When these elements cannot find their way to your outdoor living areas, you’re able to enjoy your time spent outside without the hassle of allergy flare ups and insect frustrations. Our screen enclosures can also help reduce your sun exposure, blocking out up to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and allowing your family to enjoy longer times outside.

When it comes to quality screen enclosures, our team at Screen Builders works with the highest quality materials. Our screens are created from premium quality cloths which last up to 3 times longer than traditional screens. Our screens can last up to 10 years! Still, the light-as-air nature of pool and patio screens means that they’re still susceptible to tears and rips from large debris and high winds. We can help with any patio screen repair in West Palm Beach, Fl. We can work to repair existing damages, or we can install new screens which are stronger and built to last longer.

Our removable panels are a feature which can help eliminate screen damages altogether. You cannot prevent hurricanes and tropical storms, but with our removable panels you can prevent them from tearing your screen panels apart. Hurricanes and tropical storms can bring incredible damages to screen enclosures by clogging the pores of your screen panels with debris. As the debris build, the screen panels resist more and more wind, intensifying the storm winds and threatening the overall structure of your screen enclosure. The removable panels can prevent the wind buildup, taking the screens out of the enclosure during a storm. By doing so, they allow air to flow easily from one side of the enclosure to the other, reducing wind resistance.


Screen enclosures are a wonderful way to protect your outdoor spaces from the unsavory qualities of the outdoors. Insects, debris and some allergens can be kept outside the enclosure with the help of screen panels. This spring, don’t let allergies keep you from spending time in the sunshine! Call us today at (561) 793-6029 to get started on creating your customized screen enclosure