What Can You Do to Prepare Your Pool Screen for a Hurricane?

It doesn’t even have to be a hurricane for people to need to prepared, any rain storm will do. Those who want to get the most out of their pool screen in West Palm Beach need to be ready for a tropical storm, hurricane or any other weather situation that can arise in South Florida. Preparing your pool and property for inclement weather isn’t that difficult if you know what you’re doing and if you’ve let the experts at Screen Builders, Inc. work their magic with your home. Screen Builders manufactures a huge selection of hurricane resistant products which can protect windows and pool screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. From storm shutters and accordion shutters to roll up screens and more, Screen Builders, Inc. has everything you need to keep your home and property safe from hurricanes and more.

When a storm is on the way, taking some simple steps can really protect your home from a lot of damage. One thing to remember is that it’s never a good idea to empty a pool completely. An empty pool can collapse in on itself under high winds and heavy rains but keeping water in it can provide a certain level of structural support. One thing you will want to do however is make sure all patio furniture is secure so it can’t turn into a projectile. Securing furniture also means less work for your storm shutters in West Palm Beach. Storm shutters are increasingly important when it comes to window security as a lot of the damage that occurs during a storm usually revolves around broken windows and shattered glass. Picking up individual glass shards out of your carpet probably doesn’t sound like much fun, so trust the storm shutters at Screen Builders to keep your valuables and loved ones safe.

Screen Builders, Inc. uses quality materials when they manufacture all of their products including strength tested aluminum which is designed to withstand the heavy wind and rain that can accompany a storm. If you want to lean against your fence in West Palm Beach while your home is under assault by the elements that’s fine, but it’s better to get the protection you need from Screen Builders, Inc. every time.