Top 5 Reasons to Install Screen Enclosures in West Palm Beach, Fl

Down here in West Palm Beach, the joke is that we’ve got two seasons: hot and hotter. We enjoy year-round summer temperatures and sunshine. A lot of people choose to spend their time relaxing outside with friends and family. Here’s the top 5 reasons why screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, Fl can make your outdoor space more enjoyable.

  • Increased pool safety. Swimming pools sit outside in the middle of your backyard, this can create a beautiful personal oasis but it can also welcome uninvited guests to your waters. Homes without pool cage screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, Fl can have extra problems. Neighborhood animals like ducks can make themselves comfortable in your pool if it’s uncovered. Pool screen enclosures also add extra safety to your backyard, keeping small children who may not know how to swim away from your pool.
  • Improved sun protection. Spending too much time outside can run risks of UV exposure. In some cases, UV rays can cause painful sunburns and even skin cancer. Our screen enclosures can block many of the sun’s UV rays from reaching into your outdoor space. We also offer innovative SunTex 80 shade screens which block 80% of the sun’s UV rays!
  • Reduced bugs & bug bites. Our range of screen enclosures can keep your pool or patio free from many nuisances. Our enclosures allow you to enjoy the outdoors while keeping the unsavory elements outside your screen. How many times have you had to cut an evening short due to persistent and obnoxious bugs, only to be plagued by itchy bug bites for weeks? A screen enclosure from Screen Builders can keep out bugs, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without turning yourself into a mosquito buffet.
  • Cleaner swimming pools. Swimming pools require seemingly endless upkeep, you’re always balancing chemicals and removing debris. One way to protect your pool from falling leaves, branches and other contaminants is to protect it with a pool cage screen enclosure from our team at Screen Builders. A pool screen can keep leaves from falling into your water, making it easier to clean and maintain while ensuring your swimming is always pleasant.
  • They can be customized. Our screen enclosures are customized to each and every home we work with. They’re designed to fit any budget, needs and home. Our enclosures can maintain your beautiful view while protecting your outdoor space. Our enclosures can even protect two story spaces an incorporate gazeebos into their coverage area.

If you’re ready to complete your backyard space with a screen enclosure, give us a call today! Our team can construct the perfect custom screen enclosure for your home!