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Choosing the Right Screen Dog Door for Your Pet

A pet door is among the changes a house with a dog or a cat as a new inhabitant needs. The pet doors installed in screen enclosures are the most practical way to make it easier for your pet, especially dogs and cats, to enjoy freedom entering and leaving the screen enclosure as they please.

So, if you’ve already got down to work creating a discreet litter box for your pet, it may be time to go one step further. When choosing pet doors in Jupiter, there are some factors that you must consider for a comfortable and safe pet door installation.

Not all Dogs or Cats Need their Door

Your dog’s age, breed, tastes, and specific characteristics will help you decide if a door is a good idea and a profitable investment for you. You can consult with your veterinarian on the subject. It is best not to rush and create the door unless you see that your dog demands it.

You Dog Size

Your pet’s size, weight and other needs will determine the type of PET door. Measure the width of the back and the height of the dog’s trunk to calculate the internal measurements of the door. The door is installed in such a way that the lowest part is at the height of the lowest point of the dog’s chest so that it can pass comfortably.

The height of the head does not matter, as the dog naturally lowers it to pass. Explore the market and possible modalities of pet doors.

Security Level

You can find different types of pet doors. You can choose one with a simple lock or with four modes (entry only, exit only, entry and exit or closed). We recommend that you contact a professional for screen door installation in West Palm Beach, to get the best pest door for your screen enclosure.

The most common type of door closes when your pet passes with a magnetized system, but there are other options, including a manual and fixed lock.

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