Who Designs Decks in West Palm Beach, FL?

Spending time outdoors has become so much more than throwing a couple old chairs on the lawn and hoping you don’t catch a sunburn. For many Palm Beach homeowners, the expectations for outdoor accommodations have grown. If you’re looking to make the most of the outdoors without having to deal with uneven terrain, dirt and bugs, a brand new deck can help. At Screen Builders, we specialize in almost every component of outdoor space design, and we’re creating the most durable and stylish decks in West Palm Beach, FL. If you’re looking to fix up your outdoor spaces, a brand new deck can make all the difference..

The exact definition of a deck varies from one homeowner to the next, but at Screen Builders we’re here to create any style space you need. We can design and coordinate traditional decks in which we can incorporate safety features such as gates and railings. These decks are the perfect space to place seating, grills and even small fire pits for those cooler Florida nights. Of course, when most people think about decks in West Palm Beach, FL, they think about pool decks. These decks are usually paved areas that surround a swimming pool, creating a defined and comfortable space for swimmers to dive in, dry off and just catch a little sun. But, there’s a lot more that goes into a great pool deck, maybe even more than you realize. A great pool deck includes:

  • Attractive designs
  • Sun protection
  • Safety features
  • Designs for your specific needs
  • Enough space for safe movement

In one sense, a pool deck is a little like a highway, it incorporates many different needs into one space. Your pool deck should be a comfortable place to lounge by the water, but it also needs to be a space that’s wide enough to safely incorporate lounging furniture and slippery feet moving to and from the water. Of course, a great pool deck also incorporates sun protection, allowing you to relax without worrying about sunburn. At Screen Builders, we can design and install pool decks that incorporate all of these features, plus many others you never knew you even needed!

Getting a great pool deck is as simple as counting on our team at Screen Builders. We can create a pool deck that incorporates all of your needs into a seamless, stylish design. In addition to creating the most stylish pool decks, we can even improve and install driveways in West Palm Beach, FL. To learn more, call our team at (561) 793-6029 today!