Does My Pool Need Fences?

Swimming pools are synonymous with the sunshine and warmth of West Palm Beach. With most homes sporting swimming pools, safety and cleanliness are big concerns for many pool owners. You want to make sure that your pool stays as clear of dirt, debris and grime. Of course, it’s also incredibly vital to make sure that your pool is safe, not just for those swimming but for those outside. How can you help ensure that your pool is only used by those who can safely swim? Well at Screen Builders, we know the answer is easier than it seems. With our enclosures, fences or gates, you can create a closed-off pool that meets your safety and upkeep needs.

Many pools are protected by fences in West Palm Beach, FL. At Screen Builders, we can create the most durable and stylish fences that fit perfectly into your pool design. Our fences help ensure that your pool is kept safe at all times, only allowing those you authorize to find their way into your pool. Fences are perfect for smaller pools, or for pools that are already protected from the sun by foliage or existing screen solutions. With additional gates and design options, your pool’s fences will be the most stylish and the easiest to use.



For those looking to bring sun and debris protection to their pools, fences may not be as ideal as another option- bird cage enclosures. These are the traditional large metal frames with strategically placed mesh barriers that bring air flow yet protection to your pool and patio areas. A bird cage pool screen enclosure can protect your pool, patio and deck from a wealth of problems such as:

  • Debris
  • Sunburn
  • Pool contaminants
  • Birds
  • Wildlife
  • Waste

A pool screen enclosure helps bring added protection to your outdoor spaces by creating an incredibly transparent barrier that protects without obstructing your views. At Screen Builders, we’ve taken screen enclosures one step further with our SunTex 80 screens, which provide incredible sun protection. We can also incorporate Clear View screens, which bring sun protection and increased transparency in the screens themselves. Our professionals will also be happy to perform any necessary deck, pool or patio screen enclosure repair in West Palm Beach, FL, keeping your pool at its very best.

At Screen Builders, we think that a great outdoor space is one that’s as safe and comfortable as possible. This is why we take the time to professionally design and install customized pool, patio and deck solutions. If you’re ready to improve your home’s exterior spaces, let our experts complete your home with a brand new fence or screen enclosure.