Screen Repair in West Palm Beach
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Get Quality Screen Repair in West Palm Beach

The pool screens that keep your swimming pool comfortable all year can face their share of wear and tear as time goes on. A windy day or stormy afternoon can create damage to your enclosures. But no need to worry, our team at Screen Builders offers the very best pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL! We can get your enclosure back to normal with screen repair services. 

Sometimes, pool screen enclosure damage isn’t so easy to spot. Smaller tears or holes may go unnoticed until pests start finding their way into your enclosure. If your enclosure looks like it’s holding together yet you’re finding mosquitoes and other pests in your pool screen enclosure area, then it’s time to call on our team at Screen Builders. 

We’re here to help with smaller holes or rips, and we can also assist with entire panel replacement. With our pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL, we can help make the most of your enclosures. Keeping your pool clean, your patio pest free and your outdoor spaces enjoyable is easy with our repair services. 

At Screen Builders, we can also assist with structural repairs as well. We have in-house fabrication services utilizing the best materials, such as the strongest alloy aluminum on the market. This gives us the flexibility to provide the very best pool enclosure and pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL. 

At Screen Builders, we offer more than just pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL. We can offer replacement services that help improve your enclosure with the best pool screen solutions around. 

For example, we can enhance your spaces with new SunTex 80 solar screens. These screens bring protection from the sun’s burning rays, allowing you and your family to enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about getting sunburns. This can increase your enjoyment of the outdoors while also helping to keep skin cancer’s dangers at bay. 

With our SunTex 80 screen solutions, your enclosure can block up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays. That’s a lot of protection! At Screen Builders, we also recommend SunTex 80 screens for enhanced privacy and protection. 

In addition to SunTex 80 screens, we offer many other types of screen solutions at Screen Builders. For example, we offer finer thread Phifer Brand Bettervue Mesh Screen Panels. These panels offer optical clarity and serious storm resistance, holding up against winds up to 110 mph. To learn more about our screens call our team at Screen Builders today!