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The Best Patio Screen Enclosures in Boca Raton for Your Home

Summer is here and we all want to enjoy the warm weather. Your patio is the place everyone goes to offer you shade and a place to relax.

The challenge is that the sun and insects, snakes, and other reptiles can ruin your good time. We all experience this when we want to sit outside and are forced indoors by mosquitoes and flies.

You can avoid these issues by enclosing your patio. Here are the most popular patio screen enclosures in Boca Raton, FL.

The Patio Extension

A patio extension gives you more room and allows you to make better use of your outdoor space. You have the option of extending your outdoor area and providing a covering that will protect against insects, wildlife, and the elements.

We wrap everything in the highest quality materials to give you extra space for enjoying the outdoors. These extensions increase the value of your home and give your property that special touch.

Screen Builders has been working with South Florida’s homeowners since 1987. Our team is the best in the business and we will give you the perfect patio screen extension and enclosure.

The Sunroom Enclosure

A sunroom is another popular place to go in the summer. It involves installing a couple of walls and some windows that will give you an additional extension to your home. We design your sunroom to create a living space that offers greater protection with the highest quality screens. You can replace the screens with removable windows and have a special place for relaxing or getting together. The best part is you never have to worry about the weather, insects, or wildlife impacting you.

We build sunrooms for those homeowners that want something more. The extra space increases the value of your property and it gives you a room you can use year round.

Screen Builders has five-star reviews for our knowledge and professionalism. Our team will give you the perfect sunroom to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors.

The Pool Enclosure

Sitting around the pool is one of the most popular summertime activities. We take things one step further by combing patio screen enclosures in Boca Raton, FL, with the added protection around the pool. The idea is to give you more privacy and better protection against the elements during some of the hottest months of the year.

Screen Builders specializes in pool screens, patio enclosures, sunrooms, fences, and gates. Our team is licensed, insured, certified, and experienced. We will work with you to give you that perfect solution for your home.

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