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How an Aluminum Patio Roof To Your Patio Adds Comfort to Your Area?

Aluminum patio roofs are becoming increasingly popular, with the demand increasing every year by 1.8%. More homeowners are turning to these roofs to get more for their money and realize the long-term benefits.

One of the places that see the most significant impact is your patio area. You will have better comfort and can enjoy your patio more. Here are some of the ways an aluminum roof adds to your patio comfort area.


A major challenge for all of us is the strong wind gusts that come out of nowhere and damage your patio roof. This will negatively impact your patio, the shade, and the comfort area by letting in water and sunlight.

An aluminum patio roof can withstand wind gusts of up to  150 miles per hour. It is fastened with screws that are designed to hold up under some of the most stringent conditions. You never have to worry about your roof blowing off during storms and periods of strong winds.

Your patio will always have shade to keep you cool throughout the year using an aluminum roof.

We recommend using an aluminum patio roof to get the most out of your comfort area and protect your home.

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Energy Savings

Aluminum patio roofs reflect more of the sun’s UV rays back to the atmosphere versus absorbing the heat. These roofs reduce the heat consumption by 94% and decrease the temperatures in your home by 25%.

When you are sitting out on your patio, you can enjoy cooler temperatures and never have to worry about the hot sun. South Florida is known for its heat and humidity. An aluminum roof is a perfect solution to give you long-term energy savings.

We recommend aluminum roofs because of the cost savings you will realize and the cool places around your patio. You will enjoy your patio more and have those comfort areas that make it the place where everyone gathers.

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An aluminum roof gives your patio a look that makes everyone jealous. Your home shows off more of its beauty that lasts for many years to come.

We recommend these roofs to make your patio look great and create the right atmosphere for you.

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Get the Perfect Patio Comfort Area for Your Home Today!

These are some of the ways an aluminum roof adds to your patio comfort area. Call Screen Builders today at 561-793-6029 and see why we are the best at roofs and window screens in Jupiter, Florida.

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