Improve the Look of Your Patio with Roll-Up Screens

If you’re looking to spruce up your patio, roll-up window screens can provide beauty, convenience and an economical solution for your enclosure needs. But they aren’t just for patios. You can use roll-up screens for just about any space in or around your home, such as a porch, sun room, pavilion or even a gazebo. A roll-up screen can provide the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor living area.

West Palm Beach is known for its architectural beauty. But maintaining your property can sometimes be a challenge. The great thing about roll-up patio screen enclosures is not only do they make your property look great, homeowners don’t have to worry about building permits or expensive construction costs. There’s no need for demolition, re-routing of utilities or other hassles. Roll-up patio screens can be installed quickly and conveniently.

Each roll-up screen can be custom made to fit your specifications and are available in manual or motorized operation. Once your patio roll-up screens are installed, homeowners can raise or lower them at any time. They’re very easy to use and slide seamlessly. They can also be removed and stored when not in operation.  Roll-up patio screens can be very versatile. Some enclosures can be kept air-tight to keep your patio or pool safe from the elements.  Other can provide UV protection from the harsh South Florida sun.  You can choose a retractable screen or awning for your home or business.

Recognized as South Florida’s leader in the screen industry, the professionals at Screen Builders pride themselves on innovation. Every product installed is built to last. Their experts can work with any customer to custom design roll-up screens for any window.  They use sturdy, professional grade screens in a variety of colors and density to provide relief from the South Florida sun.  Visit them today in West Palm Beach or call (561) 793-6029.