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Prepare Your Screen Enclosures for Hurricane Season

The date June 1, 2014 may seem insignificant to most people in West Palm Beach right now. But if you’re a home owner, it’s a date you want to remember. That’s because it signifies the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. If your home isn’t properly prepared or protected, you could risk thousands of dollars in damage to your property. The professionals at Screen Builders take great pride in helping their customers keep their screen enclosures safe and secure.

South Florida has been fortunate when it comes to hurricanes recently. No hurricane has reached our region since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security and think a major storm could never hit our area. But it only takes one disastrous storm to destroy your home.  Whether you have a pool screen, patio screen or a sun room, your screen enclosures are designed to provide maximum protection under some of the harshest conditions.

If you haven’t started preparing your home for hurricane season, it’s time to begin right now. The professionals at Screen Builders will thoroughly evaluate the structural condition of your screen enclosures. They will conduct tests on to measure each screen’s structural integrity, screen mesh air flow, attachment to structural gutters along with wear and tear of parts such as screws, bolts and angle brackets.

When most people see a screen enclosure, they don’t realize the strength and durability these structures possess. During Hurricane Wilma, most of the damage found on screen enclosures involved inadequate bracing on the roof frame and the clogging of screen mesh due to debris. Both could have been prevented by simply making the right preparations. The technicians at Screen Builders can provide the following adjustments to your screen enclosures for hurricane protection.

  • Reinforced wind bracing
  • Corrosion-resistant screws
  • Removable panels

Failing to properly prepare you enclosures for a major hurricane could prove to be costly. Instead of protecting your home, an unsecure screen enclosure can become a danger.  Have your enclosures inspected once a year to make sure they are able to withstand the force of a major storm. For more than a century, Screen Builders has been Palm Beach County’s leader for screen enclosures for your pool and patio as well as providing electric roll-up screens and storm shutters. Don’t wait until June to protect your home. Call today.