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Most Popular Types of Patio Screen Enclosures

There’s a rising trend in outdoor living as homeowners create a fully functional environment in their backyard. Patios are outfitted with sofas and chairs for relaxation, BBQ pits are installed in the backyard, and even TV and sound systems are added for entertainment. As more people move to the outdoors, they are discovering the many types of patio screens available to keep out bugs, UV rays, and harsh weather. When most people think of patio screens in West Palm Beach, they picture a large mesh enclosure that does a good job keeping bugs and UV rays out but lacks versatility and style. If mesh never appealed to your aesthetic taste, you may be pleased to learn there is a lot more than mesh enclosures on the market.

Here, we’ll discuss the most common patio screen and the benefits of each. From there, you can make an educated decision as you select the type to install in your backyard.

Standard Mesh

We couldn’t begin this list with anything other than standard mesh. The most popular screen used is the standard Phifer 18×14 fiberglass mesh enclosure. It’s a reliable material that won’t ravel, crease, or dent and many homeowners use it to protect their patio, porch, sunroom, and pool. When it comes to brands, Phifer is a reliable option, which is why we at Screen Builders sell a variety of Phifer screen types and products. It’s important to know what brand you’re buying, as not all mesh is the same. While shopping for patio screens in West Palm Beach, you may come across more affordable enclosures made in China, but in general, they will last up to four years before needing to be replaced. On the other hand, Phifer fiberglass mesh should last between 8 and 15 years.

Another popular standard option is the Phifer 20×20 mesh. This no-see-um screen has the same durable fiberglass material as the standard 18×14, but it’s more tightly woven to keep smaller bugs (i.e., no-see-ums, gnats, black flies) from getting in. If you’re absolutely opposed to any type of bug getting through while you’re dining outdoors, the 20×20 mesh enclosure may be the ideal solution.

Florida Glass

If you’re interested in patio screens in West Palm Beach, but you aren’t a fan of mesh, we recommend Florida glass. This enclosure is made with fiberglass mesh that’s laminated with vinyl, creating a similar opacity as frosted glass. Unlike glass, however, this material is extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about children or pets easily damaging it.

But what about privacy? 

Although you can easily look out, your neighbors won’t be able to clearly look in, giving you the privacy you need to do as you please. The main reason people buy screens is for protection, and Florida glass offers all the protection you can ask for. Because of its vinyl lamination, nothing gets in: no pollen, debris, dust, bugs, or rain (yes, it’s also waterproof!). It’s the perfect enclosure for the homeowner who wants to turn their patio into a sunroom.

Tuff Mesh and Pet Screen

People who have active children, or large and rowdy pets may benefit more from the Phifer tuff mesh than standard mesh. Made of heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester, it’s highly resistant to rips, tears, punctures, dents – you name it. In addition to holding up against activity from children and pets, it can withstand harsh weather, which is a major advantage for South Floridians. With these features, you can see why it’s one of the strongest enclosures on the market. But it’s not the strongest.  

Even stronger than the tuff screen is Phifer’s pet screen. Considered the most durable enclosure on the market, it’s stronger and more resistant to tears and punctures by large dogs, cats, and wild animals. Additionally, it can withstand wear from frequent use better than standard fiberglass and tuff mesh. While tuff is 3x stronger than standard mesh, Phifer’s pet screen is 7x stronger. If durability is equally as important to you as protection from bugs and UV rays, you can’t get better than the Phifer pet screen.

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