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Patio Screen Enclosure Options in West Palm Beach

Patios are a great place to relax and unwind with friends and family or even alone with a good book.

They offer an outdoor experience with the comforts of your home. However, you can always enhance your patio experience by opting for a patio screen enclosure. They let you bring the outdoors inside and give you the option to expand your indoor living spaces.

They are also great to beat the heat and keep dirt and debris away from your patio. There are many options when it comes to patio screen enclosures and we have come up with some of the best ones offered in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Let’s discuss them in some detail to give you a better idea of what is possible with a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach.

Always remember to consult Screen Builders for the best patio screen solutions in West Palm Beach. That being said, let’s discuss your patio screen enclosure options.

Patio Screen Enclosure Options in West Palm Beach

Here are all the great patio screen enclosure options to enhance your patio experience in West Palm Beach.

  • Shade Screen

The Sunshine State can often get a bit too sunny, especially during the summer season, a simple way to beat the Florida heat is with some outdoor shade. You can enjoy the outdoors without having to burn in the sun and harm your skin.

In this situation, shade screens are an excellent choice. You can easily opt to install shade screens to cover the seating areas of your patio. Shade screens add immense comfort to your West Palm Beach patio experience.

  • Pet Resistant Screen

Most homes have pets as part of the household, which may present a problem for your patio’s screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. Fortunately, there is a solution for this issue — pet-resistant screens. You can have these installed for superior durability below chair rails.

They protect against any damage caused by pets playing, jumping, biting, or clawing and even prevents damage from outdoor landscaping instruments. Now, you can keep nurturing any flowers or grass around your patio without worrying about damaging the patio screens.

  • Custom Pet Doors

Speaking of pets, they will need access through your patio screen enclosure as well, which is why a custom pet door from Screen Builders is the perfect solution. Custom pet doors give easy access for them to freely roam the outdoors from your West Palm Beach patio screen enclosure.

  • Kick Plates

Have your hands full? 

Not a problem.

Kick plates allow you to prevent damage to your patio screen enclosure and kick them open anytime you have your hands full. You can opt for kick plates ranging anywhere between 8-36 inches.

  • Florida Glass

Florida glass is one of the best patio screen enclosure options in West Palm Beach. It offers a laminated screening with translucent vinyl to keep all the ground dirt and sprinklers away from your patio. 

Moreover, it is an excellent privacy option for your patio screen enclosure.

Most people find the privacy and protection of Florida glass an absolute necessity for their patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. It allows them to bring in the outdoors without worrying about peering neighbors or damaging their patio screens.

  • Removable Screen Panels

During the wet seasons, Florida is fraught with harsh winds, hurricanes, and storms. 

Most people need to keep their patio screens free of debris and let the harsh winds pass through. Here, removable screen panels are the best patio screen enclosure option in West Palm Beach.

They allow you to remove the patio screens in a way that allows easy flow of air through your patio. These screen panels protect your investment by removing the element of damage. It puts the power of preparedness in your hands and keeps your patio screen enclosure safe from damage.

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All the mentioned options make a great choice to enhance your patio experience. You can get them for your patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach from the best screen solution provider – Screen Builders.If you want to learn more about patio screen options in West Palm Beach or about the many screen solutions from Screen Builders, please visit our website today.