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New Sunroom for Home Expansion

I wish my home was larger for when I have guests visiting!
Screen Builders offer a free estimate to design an acrylic window sunroom. The windowpane is
made of 3/16” thick strong acrylic compared to heavy glass. The windows are easily removable
by lifting upward and tilting the bottom toward you. This is for cleaning or when there’s a direct
hurricane hit in your area. If the wind is predicted to be at hurricane speed, the windows are to
be removed and stored in the garage or inside the home. After the hurricane threat, simply
place the window itself into the track, lift, and drop. It’s that simple.

Acrylic windows are designed to slide left and right. They span farther than glass. The reason
we don’t do glass windows, it costs more, an electric permit is required, there are electrical
outlets required, outdoor light is required, a shutter permit, and shutters themselves for window
protection is required and the new room is property taxed as if it’s part of the home compared to
an acrylic window sunroom doesn’t have any of these requirements. Acrylic windows can be up
to 144” wide per window opening.

Advantages of Adding an Acrylic Window Sunroom to Your Home

In addition to the previous benefits, here are some key advantages of adding a sunroom to
expand your home.

1. Natural Light

Sunrooms are designed to let in an abundance of natural light. The acrylic windows used in these structures are transparent and allow sunlight to flood the room, creating
a bright atmosphere. Increased exposure to natural light can also have positive effects on mood
and overall well-being. Tinted color is available for lessening direct sun coming through.

2. Year-Round Use

With acrylic windows, you can use the sunroom throughout the year, even in
colder months. The windows help retain heat and keep the room comfortable, allowing you to
enjoy the views and natural light regardless of the weather outside. You should have a ceiling
fan for moving air in your new sunroom. Leave the sliding glass doors open so airconditioned air
moves in the new sunroom. Air circulation is the answer to comfort.

3. Expanded Living Space

A sunroom offers extra living space without the need for a full-scale
home addition. It can serve various purposes, such as a relaxation area, game room, man cave,
workout room, dining room, home office, or even a greenhouse for plants.

4. Versatility

Acrylic sunrooms come in various styles and designs, allowing you to customize the
space to match your home’s architecture and your personal preferences. You can choose
between different window configurations and frame finishes.

5. Increase Home Value

Adding a sunroom can increase the resale value of your home. Many
homebuyers appreciate the extra living space and the opportunity to connect with nature without
fully exposing themselves to outdoor elements. Don’t forget, an acrylic sunroom gives your
home extra living space, but it’s not properly taxed.

6. Easy Maintenance

Acrylic windows are relatively easy to clean and maintain compared to
traditional glass. There is a special plastic acrylic cleaner offered by Home Depot or Amazon.
They are less prone to breaking and can withstand hard impacts better than glass.

7. Quick Installation

Depending on the design and complexity, adding a sunroom is often quicker and less disruptive than a traditional home addition. This means you can start enjoying
the space sooner and less of a mess.

Contact Screen Builders

For sunroom home expansions, look no further than Screen Builders. With 40 years of
experience, we guarantee you’ll love your new home addition. Contact Screen Builders today
for a free quote. If this year’s Thanksgiving you’re expecting guests, this the exact time to make
the call to see if a sunroom is in your interest.