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Safeguarding Your Screen Enclosures During Hurricane Season

Living in a tropical paradise like West Palm Beach comes with the annual challenge of hurricane season and the significant threat to your home and outdoor structures, including your screen enclosures. At Screen Builders, we understand the importance of hurricane preparedness and the need to protect your screen enclosures, your home, and most importantly, your safety. In this blog, we will explore how our Hurricane Preparedness Enhancements can help you prepare your screen enclosures for the upcoming hurricane season.

The Importance of Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is a time when homeowners need to take proactive measures to protect their properties and loved ones. Your screen enclosures are an integral part of your outdoor living spaces, providing shade and protection from insects throughout the year. Ensuring their structural integrity is essential to prevent potential damage during powerful storms. At Screen Builders, we offer a free on-site evaluation of your current screen enclosure’s condition, helping you in hurricane preparedness by identifying any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that need to be addressed before hurricane season arrives.

Enhancements Offered Exclusively by Screen Builders

We take great pride in our expertise and commitment to providing the highest level of protection for your screen enclosures. Our hurricane preparedness enhancements are designed to reinforce your enclosures and ensure they can withstand the forces of a hurricane.

1. Reinforced Wind Bracing

The stability of your screen enclosure depends on proper roof and front-wall bracing. Inadequate bracing in the roof frame was a primary reason for screen enclosure structural failure during past hurricanes. At Screen Builders, we employ a .090 heavy-duty roof and wall K-brace connected with a stainless steel through-bolt and locknut, offering superior structural integrity compared to competitors’ standard .050 gauge aluminum with toe screws to an angle attachment. This reinforced wind bracing allows the force of wind to travel from the roof to the ground, reducing the strain on the structure during hurricanes.

2. Corrosion-Resistant Screws

Corrosion of screws, washers, and fasteners weakens the overall strength of the screen structure. At Screen Builders, we use ceramic primer base coat paint with color-stable topcoats on our screws and fasteners to provide superior corrosion resistance. Additionally, we cap the concrete screws with plastic hex caps, keeping the new look intact and ensuring long-lasting protection.

3. Removable Panels

Flying debris, including sand and dirt, can clog the pores of screen enclosures during storms, increasing the strain on the frame. Our exclusive removable panels are engineered for easy removal by the homeowner, allowing air to flow freely through the enclosure. This puts preparedness back in your hands, reducing the likelihood of screen tearing under unusual pressure. These removable panels can be easily stored in your garage and quickly reinstalled after the storm, eliminating the need to wait for repair crews.

4. NEW Finer Thread Phifer Brand Bettervue Mesh Screen Panels

Our upgraded Phifer Brand Bettervue Mesh Screen Panels offer a greater visibility without sacrificing strength and durability. The 20×20 strand square mesh is engineered for optical clarity, and its thinner .008 core yarn is designed to sustain extreme wind conditions, tested up to 110mph with simulated rain. The thinner threads also provide 33% more insect resistance, providing you with greater value and peace of mind.

Screen Builders: Your Hurricane Preparedness Partner

As a licensed and insured contractor in West Palm Beach since 1978, Screen Builders has been dedicated to providing top-notch services to our clients. Our hurricane preparedness enhancements are part of our commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of your outdoor living spaces during hurricane season.

Take advantage of our free on-site evaluation of your screen enclosure’s structural condition. We’ll help you identify any areas that require attention and implement our hurricane preparedness enhancements to fortify your screen enclosures against nature’s fury. Investing in proper preparedness can provide you with peace of mind and protect your home and loved ones during these challenging times.

Turn to Screen Builders for professional evaluations, quality enhancements, and expert assistance. Together, let’s ensure that your screen enclosures are ready to face hurricane season and emerge unscathed, so you can continue enjoying the beauty of West Palm Beach without worry. Contact Screen Builders today at (561) 770-6576.