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Shine More Light On Your Space with a Fabulous Sunroom in Jupiter

Most Floridians would agree that adding a sunroom to their home in Jupiter can make their outside life more enjoyable. But what exactly is a sunroom and how can it help you? A sunroom is an enclosed room with walls and a dedicated roof that serves as an extension of the home. Most start out as open-roofed porches or lanais that will later be enclosed with large glass windows to form a sunroom.

The sunroom’s glass picturesque windows offer a view of your garden or backyard’s landscape that can be enjoyed throughout the year without the danger of rain, extreme heat, or pesky mosquitos and bugs. In addition to brightening up your home and letting the sunshine in. Not only that, but a sunroom gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of outside without being affected by the environment. And that’s a plus considering Florida’s frequent summer rainstorms and humid conditions all year round. At Screen Builders, your sunroom in Jupiter is built to complement your home by enhancing its architecture. Picture yourself in the comfort of your air-conditioned sunroom, while watching nature’s perfect scene unfold outdoors. A window seat to the wonders of the outside world, a sunroom from Screenbuilders in Jupiter, Fl adds the serenity and harmony to your life that you’ve been looking for.

How can a sunroom in Jupiter benefit me?

At Screen Builders, we have over 30 years of experience building sunrooms for Floridians and we offer various materials that are built to fit your needs. Choose from acrylic or vinyl pane windows that come in clear or tinted styles. The acrylic pane is stronger than glass and it does not transmit heat like glass which means more comfort for you and your family on really hot summer days. We can enhance your sunroom with insulated roofing or skylights to create a more open experience.

 Here are a few more benefits to having a sunroom added to your home!

  1. Creates a larger living space
  2. Increases overall appeal and aesthetic beauty of your home
  3. Allows you to enjoy the outdoors during bad weather
  4. Adds value to the home with enhanced landscape and additional living space


In addition to the perfect sunroom, the professionals at Screen Builders can provide you with everything from patio screens and pool enclosures to roll-down screens, fences, and much more. Rest assured that we have the skills and expertise to create your dream sunroom. Whether it be for a reading nook, an office space, a small in-home getaway, or something else, a sunroom is perfect for you. Call the professional team at Screen Builders for a free sunroom estimate today at (561) 793-6029.