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Enjoy Your Backyard in Comfort and Safety this Summer with a Pool Screen in Jupiter

Some people might say that living in Florida is like enjoying a tropical vacation all year long. That’s why every year thousands of northerners make their way down South to take advantage of our warm sunshine and pristine beaches. If you’re like most residents of Jupiter who enjoy homeownership, chances are you also enjoy your time in the pool with your family and friends. But how do you deal with all of the bugs and leaves that will ultimately fall into your pool without warning? In Florida, especially in the summertime, it’s inevitable that bugs and other pests will irritate you, surround your pool and soon fall into it clogging up the pool pump and leaving an unsightly mess to clean up.  It can be annoying especially in the summertime when heat and humidity in Florida are at their highest and all you want to do is jump in and enjoy your pool! At Screen Builders, we have years of experience and know-how to create a pool screen that meets all of your expectations and more.

What are the benefits of adding a pool screen to your home in Jupiter this summer?

  1. Safety for kids and pets – a screened pool and patio area protects your kids and pets by keeping pests out and protecting them from pool injuries and other unfortunate circumstances.
  2. Stops leaves, birds, and insects from falling into the pool – a pool screen also protects your pool from falling leaves clogging up the pool pump. Not only that but it also helps keep the bugs and animals that live in those trees from falling in, or leaving waste inside.
  3. Adds beauty and value to your property – A pool screen adds aesthetic value-enhancing character to your pool, and improves the overall landscape and detail of your home.
  4. Enjoy pest-free dining – What’s the point of having a patio if you can’t grill and dine out without pests and other insects always getting in the way? With a pool screen in Jupiter, dining outside becomes a pleasureful experience free fo bugs.
  5. Pool locks to provide security – Our pool screens and enclosures feature locks that deter thieves from entering your pool area when you’re not home.
  6. Adds UV Protection– the tropical sun in Florida is particularly strong and can cause a burn even if you’re not outside for long. At Screen Builders, we use a Sun Tex 80 shade screen which shades the pool area to provide additional comfort for your family and guests.

How do I get started on my new pool screen?

If you’re ready to get started on your home’s new pool detail or if you’d like a free quote, give Screen Builders a call today at (561) 793-6029. One of our friendly team will be happy to answer all your questions and set up a convenient appointment.