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Should You Invest in a Pool Screen for Your South Florida Home?

Summer is here and it is now in the sunshine state. This means that we are all going to be jumping into the pool to cool off. There is no debate about it, nothing beats spending the day lounging by the pool with a cold drink in hand during the summertime. It’s the only way of relaxing outdoors without letting the burning heat get to us. With a pool comes the question we often hear; do I need a pool screen? Whether you need a pool screen or not depends on a lot of different factors and of course, personal preference. While many people say they best decision they made regarding their pool was the screen, some swear by never getting a screen. To clear up this debate our team at Screenbuilders has crafted a guide for you. This way if you need a screen you can get one put in before summer is in full swing.


Here Are 4 Reasons to Add a New Pool or Patio Screen to Your Home


More Shade  for Your and Your Guests

One of the biggest reasons people move to Florida is that nice weather year-round and the tropical summers. However, this heat can become pretty intense over summer with the temperature hitting as high as the low 100’s. This makes for great pool weather but if the summer rays become to be too much for you then you may want to consider putting a pool screen in. Pool screens are effective ways of blocking out some of the sun’s UV rays while still allowing you to get enough in the enclosure. This means that you can still tan by the pool but can now worry a little bit less about burning. Of course, still wear sunscreen to protect against the rays.

Prevent Bugs

With the positives of summer come the negatives, aka bugs. The summer bugs in Florida are particularly annoying. You have the lovebugs that do not leave any surface alone, sticking to every chair, person, and table in their path towards your pool. And we can’t forget about all of the weird caterpillars that roam all over. Florida has some strange critters roaming about. The only way to ensure these bugs do not go near you during your time of relaxation is to get a pool screen. The pool screen will keep bugs out of your pool area and from escaping into your home.


We often hear people who live in neighborhoods complain about the privacy aspect of going to the pool. One thing that south Florida has a lot of is gated communities, and these communities tend to build their houses very close to one another. This makes privacy a little bit difficult for some. One of the benefits of the screen is that your entire pool area can be screened in for just your family to access. You can feel more like your pool area is your little private area as opposed to the entire neighborhood walking on by.


An expertly designed screen for your patio or pool area can also provide protection from all the things that cause damage, and unnecessary maintenance work. As hurricane season approaches and winds increase, the chances of debris, tree and lawn clippings, and other undesired materials can easily find their way into your backyards, pools, and patio areas. A screen from Screen Builders can not only prevent this from happening, but it can also save you money by preventing damage.


Start your summer off right! Invest in a pool screen from Screenbuilders today to get some awesome benefits such as more shade, no bugs, and privacy. The pool screens have the power to transform your summer into a relaxing one with none of the little problems being stressors. All you have to do is focus on what kind of drinks you are going to have lounging around. Give us a call today at (561) 770-6576 to learn more.