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With a New Pool Screen Enclosure in Boca Raton, You Can Enjoy Your Next Pool Party Free of Bugs or Debris

South Florida is a beautiful place to live and enjoy warm weather sports all year round. Swimming is one of the things South Floridians enjoy most to beat the heat, and that’s probably why so many homeowners invest in their own pools. Many homeowners agree that the best way to enjoy pool time is to protect it with a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton. When you build a pool, a pool screen enclosure will probably be the next thing on your list. Why? 

Because South Florida’s natural environment is home to many living things that may or may not be welcome inside your pool area. Not to mention leaves from trees and other debris may fall into your pool. High winds from a storm can kick up mud and grass that could end up in your pool as well. 

And what about the annoying bugs and mosquitos?

Luckily, your new pool screen enclosure will bar their entry for good. Your new pool screen enclosure also allows for more privacy and protection from the elements such as the harsh, tropical Florida sun. 

What are Some of the Other Benefits of a Pool Screen Enclosure?

  1. Lowers pool maintenance costs. Spend less time shoveling leaves and mud and more time enjoying your new pool and your guests. You don’t have to worry about bugs clogging up your drains or harmful objects damaging parts of your pool, costing you money in repairs and replacements.
  2. Keeps out harmful mosquitos and other bugs. A bug bite can put a damper on the day and keep you and your guests from enjoying pool time for days. You can alleviate that worry with a new pool screen enclosure, keeping out ants, flies, mosquitos, and other pests.
  3. Protection from UV rays. While sunshine can be a great thing (after all, it is South Florida), too much of a good thing can be unhealthy for you. A pool screen enclosure cuts down on the harmful UV rays getting through so you and your family can rest easy knowing that the chances of sunburn and other skin issues are significantly reduced.
  4. Adds value to your home. The value of a pool screen enclosure has been estimated to increase your home value significantly. The protection, safety, and hours of pleasure a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton will bring are immeasurable.

Are You Ready to Get in Touch?

There are many benefits to installing a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton. Screen Builders offers clients only the strongest pool screens made with the highest grade of aluminum and other superior materials. 

With the experienced, trusted team at Screen Builders and a little creativity on both our parts, your dream pool screen enclosure can become a reality. To get started on your pool screen today, call the experts at Screen Builders today at (561) 395-0801. We also offer a wide selection of décor screen doors, patio screen doors, and aluminum fences. Call us for a free quote today!