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The Benefits Of Building a Screen Room For Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool screen enclosure is a screen that encloses your pool. It is necessary to enjoy the benefits of your pool, such as fresh air and sunshine, in the safety of your yard. A swimming pool screen room will also keep out harmful insects and reduce the amount of debris blown into the pool.

In Florida, you will find swimming pool screen rooms in most backyards.

There are different types of swimming pool screen rooms, but most have a frame covered with screen mesh. The frame comes in various sizes to accommodate different pools and decks. You can place your screen enclosure over your pool.


Benefits of Building a Screen enclosure For Your Swimming Pool

If you plan to have your swimming pool screened in Jupiter, Florida, first learn about some of the benefits you are likely to receive.


Pool Screens Will Keep Out the Bugs

A common problem with a swimming pool is the number of bugs drawn to the water. Mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky insects will find their way into your pool, and they can be swarmed upon when you get out of the water.

If you add a swimming pool screen enclosure, you can keep these pesky insects and enjoy your water instead of swatting away bugs. If you have an existing screen enclosure, Screen Builders offer services in screen repair in West Palm Beach.


Screen Rooms Offer Privacy

Don’t want to be seen in your swimming suit or sunbathing by the neighbor’s? A swimming pool screen room can provide privacy by enclosing one or more pool sides. You can enjoy some sun and fresh air while still hiding in the shade if you want to.

Screen Builders can efficiently restore your screen room for clients looking for screen repair in Wellington.


Screen Rooms Can Keep Out Animals

Have a family pet that likes to swim in your pool? Or have you had problems with neighborhood pets using your swimming pool as a watering hole? A swimming pool screen enclosures can help keep out any undesirable animals by screening the water and preventing them from jumping into the pool. Family pets can still use the swimming pool, but they will not get into it if they do not swim. Occasionally, your pool screen room might need to be restored to keep such pests at bay. Don’t hesitate to reach Screen Builders for screen repair in Wellington for restoring services.



By investing in a swimming pool screen enclosure, you can enjoy your pool and keep out unwanted insects and debris. Screen Builders can handle screen repairs in West Palm Beach at an affordable price. Get in contact today for a site visit and a quotation.