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Is it Time to Replace My Fence with an Aluminum one? 

The fence that wraps around your property serves several purposes. At Screen Builders, we know that fences in West Palm Beach, FL help keep homes safe and stylish. When you’re looking for the best aluminum fences for your property, you can count on our custom solutions at Screen Builders!

How do I know if I need a new aluminum fence in West Palm Beach, FL?

Your home’s fences are expected to withstand 24/7 wear and tear from the weather and from constant use. If your home currently has fences constructed from subpar materials, you may find that your fences are wearing way faster than you’d prefer. At Screen Builders, we don’t think you should have to put up with deteriorating fences that require strenuous upkeep and maintenance. Instead, you can upgrade to new fences from our experts!

It may be time to upgrade your fences if:

  • Your fence is rusted
  • You’re upgrading your yard
  • Your fence has holes or gaps
  • Your pets keep getting out
  • Your fence is an eyesore
  • You’re improving your home’s curb appeal
  • You’re ready for something durable

If it’s time for a new fence, you can count on our experts at Screen Builders for the best fences in West Palm Beach, FL.

Why choose Screen Builders for aluminum fences in West Palm Beach, FL?

When you’re looking to upgrade your home’s fence, you need a new fence that brings serious durability and style as well. At Screen Builders, our fences in West Palm Beach, FL fit the bill! We offer custom fences created from the strongest alloy aluminum available. We bring even more strength by adding thermoset screws and powder coated finishes that are sure to resist rusting, scratching and general deterioration.

When can I get started?

If you’re looking for the best fences in West Palm Beach, FL, we invite you to discover the Screen Builders difference. Our quality fences combine style, with custom colors and beautiful details. We also use the strongest materials and sturdiest construction methods to create fences that are sure to last.

When it comes to top quality aluminum fences in West Palm Beach, nothing compares to our custom weather-proof solutions at Screen Builders. Getting a new fence is easier than you may think. At Screen Builders, we’re here to help. Call today to get started!