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Tips for Planning a Screen Enclosure

Summer is here and everyone is eager to enjoy the warm weather. However, the challenge is not only to get outside and enjoy the sun, but also to keep the bugs and insects away. If you’re planning a screened enclosure for your home, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Hiring a professional company and getting the job done right is important. A good, quality screened patio area will give you a great space to hangout and enjoy the summer, while a screened patio that isn’t top quality can give you constant headaches. At Screen Builders our team has provided quality patio screened enclosures for many years.

A sunroom is a great addition to your home. It can be used for various purposes, such as entertaining and relaxing. We create a living space that’s designed to provide you with more protection from the elements and keep you and your family safe from pests and other insects. You can also replace the screens with removable windows, which will allow you to enjoy your space without having to deal with the effects of the weather. Sunrooms are also great for those homeowners who want more space. They can increase the value of their property and provide them with a room that they can use all year round.

One of the most popular activities during the summer season is sitting around the pool. To enhance the experience, we recommend adding protection by combing the screens around it. This method not only gives you more privacy, but it also helps keep you and your guests safe from the elements.

The rise of outdoor living has led to the creation of fully functional environments in the backyard. With the addition of various furniture and features, such as couches and chairs, people are now able to enjoy their backyard without having to deal with the harsh weather. Some people are also choosing to install UV screens to keep their homes protected from harmful rays.

Most people in West Palm Beach think of a large mesh enclosure that’s designed to keep the bugs and UV rays out. However, this type of mesh doesn’t have the same appeal to people due to its lack of versatility and style. If you’re not a fan of mesh, you might want to consider other types of outdoor living structures.

At Screen Builders, we offer a wide range of products and services, such as pool screens, fences, gates, and sunrooms. Our team is licensed and insured, and we can help you find the perfect solution for your home. A screen enclosure is incredibly popular in Florida, to keep you and your family protected from the heat, sun, insects, and other animals. If you’re considering adding a screened enclosure to your home, contact our team of professionals at Screen Builders today. We’re ready to help give you a quote and provide you with the quality enclosure you and your family are looking for.