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Top 5 Benefits of a Screened Enclsoures

During the warmer months of the year, it can be enjoyable to spend time outside, whether you’re sipping on lemonade or are taking in the view. If you want to consider enhancing the quality of your home and making it more versatile, a screened porch can be a great addition. Here are a few of the top benefits of installing a screened porch on your property.

1. Keep Pests Away

From mosquitos to bees, there are many different pests that are present outside that can be difficult to keep away. You may attempt to use citronella candles or bug spray to ward off the insects but still end up getting bit as you spend time in the front or backyard. With screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, you can enjoy having a barrier that prevents bugs from hanging around but also allows you to spend time outdoors.

2. Create a Space to Entertain

When you install screen enclosures in Jupiter, Florida, you can create a space where you can entertain your guests each season. You don’t have to worry about the pesky insects when you are having a party or inviting friends over for dinner.

3. Boost Your Home Value

Screen enclosures in West Palm Beach are great investments because they can increase your home value once they’re installed by a company like Screen Builders. The feature may not increase your square footage but adds more value to the property because they’re a functional and sought-after feature.

4. Versatility

Screen enclosures can serve many different purposes instead of being a place where you can sit outdoors. You can also use them as pool screen enclosures in West Palm Beach to ensure you have an enclosed area to swim in any time of the year. This can allow you to enjoy taking a dip in the water even when it’s raining.

5. A Healthier Lifestyle

Screen enclosures in Jupiter, Florida can allow you to get outside more and avoid spending as much time indoors. This can make it easier to unplug from technology, which will boost your mood. You’ll get fresh air and more exposure to the sun, which can boost your vitamin D levels and have higher energy levels. This will also allow you to reduce your stress and anxiety as you spend more time in a quiet and peaceful setting.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you’re interested in installing a screened porch on your property. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment to install a porch or Pool Screen Enclosures in West Palm Beach.