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Bring in Summer 2020 With a Brand New Patio Screen!

Summertime is finally here in Florida and that means that it’s time to enjoy the sunny weather. What better way to soak up the warm air than by spending it outside? Some of the best summer activities are spent under the patio, which means it’s time to start considering a patio screen. Without a patio screen, you run the risk of those pesky flies and mosquitoes biting your barbeque guests all summer long, a quick way to ruin the party. Did we mention that the patio screen can also cool down the patio? This is the perfect way to soak up the sun and heat without having to constantly break a sweat. Don’t let the great outdoors get in the way of your summer fun, get a patio screen with Screen Builders. Our patio screens are built to not only improve the appearance of your backyard but to also protect your home from strong wind speeds and persistent rodents. When you go with Screen Builders you aren’t just getting a screen for aesthetic reasons, you are also getting one that will benefit your property.


What are the Benefits of Having a Patio Screen?

One of the biggest reasons residents in Florida decide to get a patio screen is to protect against pesky bugs. Living in the sunshine state is as good as it gets; however, just like anywhere else in the world it’s not perfect. We happen to be home to tons of little critters and while the majority of them are harmless, they are extremely annoying. With a patio screen, you can relax in your patio without having to worry about any bugs hovering over your food. Summer also kicks off hurricane season down here, meaning that you are going to want to ensure your home and family are protected. This is where a patio screen can be of some help. Our screens at Screen Builders can withstand up to 170 mph wind speeds, protecting your home from even the scariest of hurricanes. While the screen cannot be compared to a hurricane shutter or hurricane windows, it can provide that extra layer your home needs. Sometimes the littlest protection is what stops damage from occurring. With all of the home, protection benefits come just as many aesthetic benefits. Having a patio screen gives your home a little boost. Your backyard will look brand new and your home can even rise in value, a win-win in our books. You also have the power to do more with your patio area such as turning it into a sunroom. The limits are truly endless when you decide to have a representative from Screen Builders come on out and give you your free estimate.


How Do We Create the Patio Screens We Use?

The biggest misconception we see about patio screens is that they are fragile and are built to break. This cannot be further from the truth. At Screen Builders we make sure out patio screens are made to last and withstand even the wildest of hurricanes. We do this by ensuring all of our screens are made from the highest quality materials such as aluminum and strong alloy. By using these heavy-duty materials, we can rest assured that your patio will be with you for the long run. Another concern of residents is that the screens can rust. While some patio screens are of low quality and yes, will rust, ours are made to be rustproof. This not only will keep up the aesthetic appearance of your home but also gives our patio screens an A+ safety rating.


Do you think a patio screen may be a good fit for you? If so, Screen Builders is your one-stop-shop for all things patio screens. We make sure we work together with you to bring your patio area to life. Patio screens have the power to improve any backyard, and with our high-quality materials, we know you will love your screen just as much in 10 years as you do today. To learn more about our patio screens and services reach out to us today at (561) 770-6576. We would love to come on out to your home and give you a free estimate.