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Why You Can’t Do Without a Fence in West Palm Beach

If you’ve found your dream home but you’re on the “fence” about it because it lacks a private fence, there are many ways to fix that without breaking the bank. The cost-effective way to create privacy away from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors is to build a fence. Let’s face it, our home is our private oasis, a space where we can relax in comfort and above all, enjoy our privacy. A fence is something that most homeowners feel is essential to establish boundaries between you and your neighbor’s property. In West Palm Beach, many homes today are built close together, so it’s no wonder that a fence becomes one of the most important features to install in your backyard. Within your backyard, you can enjoy your garden, hot tub, pool or just some peace and quiet on your patio or lanai in your pajamas if you so choose! In South Florida, a fence is one of the most desirable options that home buyers look for. Your backyard is your sanctuary and a fence provides not only privacy but a feeling of safety and solitude.

What kinds of fence materials are available for my yard?

Frame your home with a simple wood fence or a more elaborate iron one. Depending upon the rules of your HOA, who may have certain fence restrictions, you can build a fence in West Palm Beach designed to complement the beauty of your home. At Screen Builders, a licensed and insured Florida contractor, our welded fence gates are custom designed with hinges, swing or rolling options. We offer our customers premium quality gates, railings and fences that are constructed using only the highest grade materials the industry has to offer. Our gates are installed by our team of professional craftsmen who have decades of experience. Many homeowners are excited to not only have a choice of fencing materials, but also to have a choice of colors such as bronze, white, black and many other colors. At Screen Builders, we pride ourselves on using exceptionally durable paint that will stand up longer to the elements as well as minimize the possibility of corrosion. Rest assure Screen Builders, only the highest quality materials will be used to build your fence in West Palm Beach.

What else can a fence provide my family with?

Of course, privacy is the number one benefit of adding a fence to your West Palm Beach home. But there are many other benefits such as:

  •                   Increased home value – just like you were hesitant to buy a home without a fenced yard, so might a potential homebuyer who might pass your home by for just that reason. Your professionally crafted custom-built fence is an investment in your future and can only help to enhance your home’s marketability when you decide to sell one day.
  •                   Aesthetic beauty – Whether you go simple or ornate, your fence will be a reflection of your personality adding beauty and elegance to complement your home.
  •                   Security – Whether you choose to build a large or small fence, it will no doubt help keep your kids and pets stay safely inside if they are prone to wander. You can relax and your children can also play relatively undisturbed by looky-loo neighbors who tend to be nosy. It also adds a layer of safety to your home and will act as a deterrent to burglars when the unknown is waiting for them on the other side of your fence.

If you are interested in building a fence on your West Palm Beach property, give the professionals at Screen Builders a call today. Licensed in Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin County, we have over 30 years in the business. We specialize in patio and pool enclosures, sunrooms and fences, and are a trusted name in South Florida communities. Over the years we have helped many satisfied customers add beauty and value to their homes. Call us today for a free quote on a custom fence, sunroom, patio or pool screen and more at (561) 793-6029.