It’s Always a Good Time to Install Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, FL

Hurricane season is an annual threat to the beauty of West Palm Beach, but major storms can find their way to our shores at any time of the year. At Screen Builders, we know that hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL are the...

Should I get a screen enclosure in West Palm Beach, FL?

If you live in the West Palm Beach area, you have noticed that every home with a pool has a screen enclosure. You may wonder why that’s such a necessity in South Florida, but there are many reasons why having a screen enclosure is...

Why Install Bird Cage Pool Screen Enclosures?

It seems that these days, home design and improvements are all about impressing your neighbors or increasing home resale value. What ever happened to improving your home to make it a safer, more comfortable or more enjoyable place to live? At Screen Builders, we...
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