Enclosing and Enhancing Your Home Outdoor Living Spaces

Screen Builders: Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces in West Palm Beach

As a licensed and insured contractor in Palm Beach, Broward, Martin and St. Lucie Counties since 1978, Screen Builders mission has always been to provide outstanding service and original designs. Over the years, we have participated in the evolution of pool and patio screen enclosures and the significant impact they can have on enhancing your outdoor living spaces. Screen Builders bring the Outdoors Indoors. You’re living an outdoor lifestyle, but you don’t have to swat biting bugs and never have landscape debris to clean up. Your pool is always pristine clean with a screen enclosure. Not only does a screen enclosure provide an architectural compliment to your home, it expands your outdoor living area with more room to enjoy and no bugs even when the outdoor lights are on. With an open pool patio, you can’t leave lights on since it attracts biting mosquitoes. A screen-enclosed pool brings value to your home for you and the next buyer of your home.

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic Pergolas are an elegant solution merging tasteful elegance with practicality. The adjustable roof louver roof system allows you to control the opening gap according to the sun placement blocking excessive light and heat for the patio seating area. When it’s scorching hot outside and the sun is blaring downward, keep the louvered roof closed and, in the winter, keep the roof open enjoying the sun’s heat. You’re the boss controlling your roof opening for your
outdoor master-piece. A louvered roof is a very modern residential look complimenting your home. You “gotta have it” if you’re in to trending home improvement products.

Invisible Mesh Technology

Screen cloth is configured by interweaving screen fiberglass thread creating what is known as 18X14 MESH or 18 thread strands in one direction and 14 thread strands in the other direction “per one square inch”. The view is the almost invisible looking from the inside view looking outward. In the daytime it privatizes the view, but is visible looking through the closer you get to the screen wall. There is 20×20 MESH screen cloth available creating smaller holes, but smaller screen holes means it doesn’t allow evening breezes through compared to std. 18×14 mesh. 20×20 Mesh creates a greater wind load during a hurricane, although, the frame is calculated by an engineer. It’s designed to be stronger.

Multi-Functional Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures are not just limited to keeping the pool patio area bug free and landscape debris free, it keeps the kids or grandkids inside while playing. This is what you want, safety and functionality. You can cook inside without attracting flies, fitness work out inside or just sit with your friends while having a drink or glass of wine discussing what’s new as if it’s part of the house. It’s your outdoor living room at its finest.

Transform Your Patio With Screen Builders

As a licensed and insured contractor in Southeast Florida, Screen Builders keeps up with up-to-date building codes especially since they are members of the Aluminum liaison with the Florida Building Commission (the building code department). Aluminum Contractors get current building code changes before they are active. If you have an existing pool screen enclosure, Screen Builders can update the frame to be up to the current building code by adding more hurricane roof braces or retrofit removable screen panels that were invented and offered exclusively by us. Yes, we are the inventor! If this sounds interesting, please call Screen Builders at 561-770-6576.