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How to Hire a Pool Screen Enclosure Company

Pool enclosures are common in the dry and warm months of the year. It’s even more common for those living in Florida, as residents can take advantage of pool enclosures for safety and entertainment. Have an idea of what you want? Check out this blog!”

There is so much to consider when it comes to building your dream pool enclosure, but we’re here to help! With tips and tricks from those who have been there, you can have a good idea of what you should inquire about before hiring a pool enclosure company.

How to Hire a Pool Screen Enclosure Company

Find a Licensed and Insured Contractor

Working with a licensed pool screen enclosure company has many benefits. For starters, you are sure that the company you are dealing with is professional and has experience building pool enclosures. Moreover, working with a licensed company gives an additional layer of protection because you can recourse should a problem arise.

Ask About the Warranty

A company’s warranty policy is important because it will provide a time frame for how long the company will fix any problems with the pool screen enclosure. This is also good to know if something goes wrong with the pool enclosure after being installed.

For example, if your pool screen enclosure has gutter leaks, it may be in your best interest to get it fixed while your warranty is active. But knowing what is covered under your warranty is important because if your pool enclosure company doesn’t fix damages, you might have to pay out of pocket.

Experience Matters

Building a pool screen enclosure isn’t an easy task; therefore, you should hire a company with sufficient experience. Ideally, pool screen enclosure companies with over 30 of experience know how to build the best pool enclosures. To be safe, you should inquire about their business and ask for their portfolio.

Inquire About Building Material

Not even the best chef can make a fabulous meal without proper ingredients. Similarly, pool screen enclosures are made from different materials. You get to decide which one you want, and they have different prices.

But some companies cut corners in sourcing high-quality materials. As a customer, you have to be vigilant. The best way to know if your pool enclosure company is honest is to check the pool enclosures physically they have built.

Benefits of Building a Pool Enclosure

Building pool enclosures keep the water clean. Moreover, pool enclosures provide shade for the walking area near your pool. As a result, tiles around your pool are safe from the sun’s UV rays.

Pool Enclosures Keep Your Pool Clean and Safe

Pool screen enclosures are a great way to keep your pool clean and safe. They can help prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from entering the water. Since South Florida gets so warm during summers, pool enclosures also help keep the water temperature regulated, which is important for maintaining a healthy environment for swimmers.

They Keep Animals Out

Pool screen enclosures not only protect your family but the wildlife as well. Areas prone to animals entering during warm and cold seasons can do good with pool enclosures. Small birds and animals often seek shelter in homes to escape harsh weather conditions. Small animals might fall and drown in your pool if it isn’t enclosed.


Final Thoughts

Hiring a pool screen enclosure company isn’t easy. You have to consider several things before handing over your money. The tips and tricks we shared above will help you decide which company to work with. Plus, it is important to determine how long the company has been in business and if they are licensed.

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