Prepare for Storms by Installing Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, FL

Planning for this year’s upcoming hurricane season means understanding your homeowner’s insurance and how you can protect your house in the event of a storm. Hurricane coverage can be complicated, so having a conversation with your insurance agent may help you understand the details of your policy. Your insurance company may offer reductions in premiums if you install better hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL.

Call Screen Builders for Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, FL

Homeowners should review their insurance well ahead of any storm threat. The process of buying or altering coverage can take several weeks to complete. Some companies will not consider writing new policies if the tropics are active. Start your planning now.

Do not wait until the last minute to get your house ready for a possible hurricane. Hurricane season in the United States begins on June 1 and wraps up on November 30. Hurricane shutters can be an effective barrier between your home and driving rain and strong wind. Accordion shutters are also easy to use — and can be put in place in just a few minutes. Typically, this type of accordion shutters can be deployed by only one person. Protecting your house is relatively simple, especially when compared to corrugated panel shutters.

Screen Builders also offers protection for your home’s screen enclosures. Our experts developed several methods to help keep your screen enclosure from sustaining massive damage during a storm.

When you are looking for reliable hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL, please consider Screen Builders. Our team is dedicated to helping families stay safe during a storm. Our customized shutters are high-quality and installed by experts with several years of experience. Call (561) 793-6029 to learn more about our hurricane protection options.

Please watch our video below to learn more about hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL.