Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season? Storm Shutters Can Protect Your Home!


The 2015 hurricane season has officially started, but many homeowners are underprepared. This year’s season has been predicted as a light season, but that doesn’t mean there are no threats of storms on the horizon. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that there will be 11 named storms this year, with up to 6 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes in the cards. It only takes one major storm to create catastrophic damage, and even minor tropical storms can cause widespread property damage. Even worse, the National Hurricane Center fears that the lighter predictions will leave many homeowners unprepared when a hurricane is on its way. If you’re not prepared for hurricane season, our preparedness team at Screen Builders can help!


Hurricanes and tropical storms alike can cause widespread damage. These storms bring high winds, constant rain, inland flooding and coastal storm surge. Staying protected in the circumstances these storms create requires prior planning. The time to prepare for a hurricane is now, before there’s a storm setting its sights for South Florida. During a storm, your home’s most vulnerable points are its windows, which can easily shatter from the flying debris created by all storms. Once a window is broken, the entire structural integrity of your home can be at risk, with pressure changes in the building causing even bigger dangers. Wind can find its way in through a broken window, bringing rain and more debris along with it. It can even compromise your roof’s integrity, causing catastrophic damage.

The best way to prevent these dangers from even becoming a true concern is with the protection provided by our storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. Storm shutters are a time-tested hurricane protection technique that defends your windows, and thus your home, from flying debris in the first place. With intact windows, your home has an exponentially higher chance of remaining entirely intact in a hurricane or tropical storm. At Screen Builders, we can fabricate and install your custom hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. We can create shutters which effectively protect windows both big and small.


One of our most popular shutter options is our accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. Accordion shutters bring heightened ease of use with incredibly affordable costs. These shutters are affixed year-round in stylish roll-up spaces near your windows. When a hurricane or tropical storm warning has been issued, you can simply unroll your accordion shutters and protect your whole home within minutes! This makes accordion hurricane shutters the perfect home protection option for any home in South Florida. We can design and install your accordion hurricane shutters to keep you and your family safe this hurricane season. Don’t put your safety at risk when it comes to the dangers of hurricanes. Call us today at (561) 793-6029 to learn more about our storm shutter options.

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